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Harry Houdini and the art of disguise

13th June 2020 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Harry Houdini. 329 views. 0

Harry Houdini would often attend seances and psychic demonstrations in costume in an attempt to expose those who were frauds. His favourite disguise was that of a Mr F.Raud

Researching EVP completely changed my perspective

12th June 2020 General. 329 views. 0

When I decided to research EVP at a deeper level than just basic EVP session, by consulting the books and the work of our pioneers, my perspective on the phenomenon completely changed! Research is so very valuable to not only gaining an understanding into how something works, but more importantly it makes us question why we do things the way we do.

Female hormones and the paranormal

7th June 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 1143 views. 1

I have previously looked into female hormones and if this had a role with psychical abilities. Here I look at a study as well as publishing the results of a survey I conducted in this area with what were surprising results.

Golden Girls Tarot Review

5th June 2020 General, Tarot Review. 347 views. 0

A review of the delightfully fun Golden Girls Tarot

Houdini and the ghostly photo

4th June 2020 General, Harry Houdini. 715 views. 0

Houdini was involved in debunking many spiritualists, including spirit photography. There was however one photo that supposedly had him stumped. Is this the photo Houdini couldn't explain or was it merely a publicity stunt?

The unexplained is not impossible

3rd June 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 285 views. 0

While there are a lot of phenomena we can and sometimes cannot explain, we should avoid using the word 'impossible' when it comes to paranormal phenomena and here is why.

Feeling the future - presentiment

31st May 2020 Paranormal Theories, General. 546 views. 0

Is it possible a person can 'feel' the future? What is presentiment? Can we feel things before they happen collectively on a global scale?

Daydreaming about ghosts

30th May 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 356 views. 0

Daydreaming is a natural thing that we as humans do. Could entering a state of daydreaming make us think something paranormal is happening? Alternatively, does accessing this state of daydreaming allow us to see things as they truely are?

Are we the key to communication?

18th May 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 280 views. 0

Psychic projection works on the concept that we can 'create a ghost' with our mind, while spirit communication works on the basis we are communicating with a person who was once living. What if one cannot work without the other?

Experiments in telepathy

16th May 2020 General, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theories. 460 views. 0

Parapsychologists for decades have been testing people to see if there is some merit to the thought that a person can transmit their thoughts telepathically. There are 3 significant experiments held by parapsychologists that made waves trying to prove that our mind was not only capable of sending thoughts to another, that it could indeed manifest its very own spirit. What does this mean for the way we approach our paranormal research?