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22nd September 2019 Paranormal Theories, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 702 views. 1

Apparition is a common term used by paranormal investigators to describe a sighting of a 'spirit'. From seeing people before they die to a full bodied apparition in period clothing, let's look at the different kinds of apparitions.

The Thatcher Effect

14th September 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 687 views. 0

The Thatcher effect is an optical illusion where the brain is unable to interpret distinct features on a face when it is viewed upside down. While not related to the paranormal, it does open up some questions as to how our brain interprets information.

Old School Challenge: Make your own thermometer

8th September 2019 Old School Challenge, General. 294 views. 0

Investigators often refer to temperature changes to look for fluctuations within the environment around us as they believe a dramatic change could indicate a spirit manifesting. Here is how you can make your own non electronic device to detect these temperature changes in this new Old School Challenge.

How do you look at the world?

8th September 2019 General. 409 views. 0

A few quotes and scenarios from different movies inspire me to look at the way we ourselves perceive things. Are you a glass half full or half empty person for example? A lot of this makes a difference to the way we believe and approach the paranormal.

Tarot in Wonderland Review

4th September 2019 General, Tarot Review. 478 views. 0

Review of the Tarot in Wonderland deck by Barbara Moore and Illustrated by Eugene Smith

What about US?

4th September 2019 General, Paranormal Theories, Paranormal Investigation. 569 views. 1

As investigators we commonly try to 'debunk' certain activity to deem if it is 'paranormal'. What we may fail to look at during this process is OUR unknowing involvement

Ghostly image or diplopia?

2nd September 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 412 views. 0

Are you suddenly seeing what you feel are 'apparitions or ghostly images' more frequently? While there could be something happening, it could be a case of diplopia aka double vision!

The case of the screaming girls

25th August 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 550 views. 0

BBC News recently reported a case of mass hysteria last July where students began screaming and scared of what they believed to be an unseen force.

Could binaural beats help us unlock our consciousness?

25th August 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 728 views. 0

Binaural beats potentially help a person to induce a meditative state. While used as therapy for a form of soundwave healing, could binaural beats help a person to potentially unlock their consciousness? What if we incorporated binaural beats into our Ganzfeld experiments? Could it help us unlock potential psi abilities?

Is there still a social stigma around the paranormal?

25th August 2019 General. 627 views. 0

Thanks to social media and reality television, the paranormal has more of a stage than ever before. Is there still a social stigma around those who openly take an interest in the paranormal? What about the stigmas within the paranormal field itself?