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Ghostly image or diplopia?

2nd September 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 370 views. 0

Are you suddenly seeing what you feel are 'apparitions or ghostly images' more frequently? While there could be something happening, it could be a case of diplopia aka double vision!

Could binaural beats help us unlock our consciousness?

25th August 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 549 views. 0

Binaural beats potentially help a person to induce a meditative state. While used as therapy for a form of soundwave healing, could binaural beats help a person to potentially unlock their consciousness? What if we incorporated binaural beats into our Ganzfeld experiments? Could it help us unlock potential psi abilities?

The case of the screaming girls

25th August 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 458 views. 0

BBC News recently reported a case of mass hysteria last July where students began screaming and scared of what they believed to be an unseen force.

Is there still a social stigma around the paranormal?

25th August 2019 General. 405 views. 0

Thanks to social media and reality television, the paranormal has more of a stage than ever before. Is there still a social stigma around those who openly take an interest in the paranormal? What about the stigmas within the paranormal field itself?

Can the living converse with the dead? By Harry Houdini

24th August 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Harry Houdini. 838 views. 0

On the 16th of November 1924, Harry Houdini wrote an article for the Canton Daily News titled "Can the living converse with the dead?" Houdini goes into details his dealings with Eva Carriere and the claims she could produce 'ectoplasm'. It is a fascinating insight into his relationship with the spiritualist world and how he was able to decipher their deception.

REM Pods

23rd August 2019 General, Paranormal Equipment. 902 views. 0

REM Pods are quite popular with paranormal investigators. Here is how it works, how the concept was derived from a musical instrument, some ideas on how you can use it during paranormal investigations as well as what can cause false positive readings.

The Bermuda Triangle

20th August 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Conspiracy Theories. 979 views. 0

The Bermuda triangle is one of those mysteries which has had me intrigued since I was a child. I mean who hasn't heard of the Bermuda triangle? There is a plethora of books, documentaries, articles, news segments and the likes all delving into the mysteries surrounding disappearances of aircraft and sea vessels in the same spot. Is it aliens? Is it the lost city of Atlantis? Is it some sort of portal or vortex? Is it the magnetic effect? Let's look into the some of the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle.

Do thunderstorms increase paranormal activity?

18th August 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 1503 views. 3

Whenever there is a Thunderstorm, investigators get excited. Not only does it create an amazingly spooky atmosphere, some believe they act as fuel for paranormal activity. Do you believe a thunderstorm fuels paranormal phenomena?

You don't have to fake it till you make it! In fact don't!

17th August 2019 General. 206 views. 0

Deliberate acts of deception have been around for centuries and are not going anywhere. So where does this leave those of us who take pride in what we do?

Can a location be over investigated?

12th August 2019 General. 291 views. 1

There are a lot of reported haunted locations that investigators gravitate to. You go on a regular basis because there seems to be activity in every corner. As time passes or you return to your favourite location, the activity has stopped. People tell me their once favourite location now feels empty. Can too many investigations cause a decrease in activity? Can a location be over investigated? Is it just our perception? Are we a lot harder to impress the more we learn?