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Pictures of the past

17th February 2020 General, Paranormal Investigation. 335 views. 0

Using photographs as a trigger is a great tool to use during a paranormal investigation.

Kids say the strangest yet honest things when it comes to the paranormal

13th February 2020 General. 283 views. 0

Kids literally say what is on their mind with no filter and no tact. When it comes to the paranormal, it can make a somber moment a laughable and even teachable moment. Kids are naturally curious and as much as some will shield them, they will still search or even dabble wanting to know what it is all about.

Binaural, 360 degree & Ambisonic recording for paranormal investigating

10th February 2020 Paranormal Equipment, General, Paranormal Investigation. 405 views. 0

With technology advancing, there are more ways to record audio than with your standard digital recorder. Let's look at the latest trends when it comes to recording audio - more specifically binaural, 360 degree & ambisonic recording.

Tarot Decks to be excited about in 2020

8th February 2020 Tarot Review, General. 1145 views. 0

Here the tarot new release decks I am excited to get my hands on this year! From Edgar Allan Poe to Golden Girls Decks coming, there is something for everyone!

Paranormal Book Club: February - Ghosts

2nd February 2020 General, Paranormal Book Club. 320 views. 0

The theme for Paranormal Book Club for the month of February is Ghosts

The funhouse effect & claustrophobia

27th January 2020 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 940 views. 0

How does the funhouse effect and claustrophobia apply to the paranormal? Could this explain certain experiences?

Tales of Black Rock House - Local Legends

26th January 2020 General, Tales of Black Rock House. 825 views. 4

There is always a lot of mystery surrounding Ebden Castle, also known as Black Rock House - especially in the early 1900's when people didn't know a lot about the homestead with adjoining ballroom with the castle gates in the middle of the suburbs. Let's dive into some old newspaper archives and see if we can seperate fact from local fiction!


24th January 2020 General, Paranormal Investigation. 248 views. 1

Instead of concentrating on a singular random event, it can beneficial to look at things in context as a whole. It can offer a whole new perspective on what is potentially going on!

Dumb Supper

22nd January 2020 General. 426 views. 0

While some hold a seance in order to talk to spirit, there is a pagan ritual called a 'dumb supper' complete with 'soul cakes'. What is a dumb supper and how do you hold one? How do you bake a soul cake? Here is all you need to know to get you started.

Psychokinesis (PK)

20th January 2020 Paranormal Theories, General. 764 views. 4

Spoon bending, Carrie and Stranger Things. These are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Psychokinesis. What exactly does it mean and how is it tested? Let's explore this physical ability further!