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Things to try when nothing is happening

19th January 2020 Paranormal Investigation, General. 531 views. 0

We have all been in situations where NOTHING seems to be happening on an investigation. Here are some things you can try! What are some things that have worked for you when nothing seems to be happening?

The power within

18th January 2020 General. 307 views. 0

One of the things or lessons if you want to call it that I have learnt more recently is the concept of power.  I’m not talking about domination or being at the top of the chain, I am talking about the power within yourself.  The self confidence, the spark and knowing your worth.

Spirits and the astral plane

16th January 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 663 views. 0

Could a spirit really be a living person whose consciousness is in the astral plane? What is an astral body or a parasomatic? Lets explore the possibilities of the astral plane.

Paranormal Book Club: January - Illusion

13th January 2020 General, Paranormal Book Club. 394 views. 1

For the month of January, the theme for Paranormal book club is Illusion.

Tales of Black Rock House - The Nursery

12th January 2020 General, Tales of Black Rock House. 275 views. 0

Sitting in one of the back rooms of Black Rock House is the Nursery. If creepy looking porcelain dolls creep you out, then you will LOVE this room!


10th January 2020 General. 150 views. 0

A new place to embrace your spooky self! Register your profile today!

Near Death Experiences (NDE)

6th January 2020 General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 621 views. 1

It is estimated that around 1/3 of people who have died and come back, often those who suffer a cardiac arrest report what is called a Near Death Experience. Let's look at NDEs through the research of DR Raymond Moody as well as the clinical research conducted by AWARE in several hospitals.

Light anomalies you see with your own eyes

5th January 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 741 views. 0

Most of us know not to trust photographs or videos that show a form of light anomaly that we didn't see at the time. What about the ones we do we see with our own eyes? Let's explore the different reasons why we may see balls of lights with our own eyes.

Should we be trying to communicate in languages other than English?

2nd January 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1718 views. 0

Is a language barrier hindering paranormal investigations or in the afterlife, or do we become bilingual through energy? Does knowing the cultural history in advance help or hinder us? Here are my thoughts and experiences. I would love to hear yours!

Things you can do if you have no investigations

1st January 2020 General. 1413 views. 0

It's the beginning of the year and it may be a while before your next investigation. Problem is, you are itching to go out and investigate but it is not an option at the moment. How can you get your paranormal fix without an investigation? Here are my tips! Tell me yours!