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The real 'spirit' in the room

New! 29th March 2020 General. 518 views. 0

We walk around in the dark looking for a 'spirit'. What we may miss however is that there is some amazing 'human spirit' right here in front of us in the paranormal field.

Jumping on the bandwagon

New! 27th March 2020 General. 68 views. 0

While it can be easy to just follow, don't lose yourself by jumping on the bandwagon. Think for yourself!

Fun games to keep you busy!

New! 25th March 2020 General. 95 views. 0

Here are some fun word search games, jeopardy and even some colouring sheets to keep you busy and give your paranormal fix!, Word Search, Jeopardy, Word Scramble & Colouring pages


New! 25th March 2020 General. 96 views. 0

Abacomancy is an ancient form of divination where people would 'read' the patterns in sand or dirt to predict their future.

Critical Thinking

New! 23rd March 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 93 views. 0

We talk about applying critical thinking to the way we investigate the paranormal, but sometimes it is easier said than done.  How does knowledge help us? Does anomalistic psychology help? What are the characteristics of a critical thinker and how can we apply this to the way we investigate the paranormal?

Self Fulfilling Prophecy

New! 21st March 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Theories. 122 views. 0

Do we find what we are looking for simply because we believe in it? What is self fulfilling prophecy and how does it connect to the paranormal? Could our belief fuel potential paranormal activity?

The stigma around Ouija boards

New! 21st March 2020 Paranormal Investigation, General. 2206 views. 0

Nothing can clear a room faster than cracking open a Ouija board. Is it really evil or just another tool of communication? Let's look at the history of the Ouija board and explore the stigmas around them.

Clustering Illusion or Synchronicity?

14th March 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 182 views. 0

Clustering Illusion is form of cognitive bias where a person sees a pattern in what are random sequences or events. How does this affect the way we think about paranormal phenomena? Is it random or is synchronicity?

Being a girl ghost hunter ..... as a mum

6th March 2020 General. 198 views. 0

There is something empowering about putting yourself out there as a female in the darkness of night. While there are many historical figures to look up to, it is the everyday women that I admire.

Ladies of paranormal past: Louisa E Rhine

5th March 2020 General, Ladies of paranormal past. 165 views. 0

While many attribute the name Rhine to J.B Rhine the famous psychical researcher who invented Zener Cards for testing of ESP, there was another Rhine making waves in the world of parapsychology. Louisa E Rhine was a pivotal member of JB Rhine's research while also being known for her papers and books on spontaneous cases.