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Egoism and the paranormal

New! 4th July 2022 Reading Time: 5 minutes General. 60 views. 0

While as a paranormal community we often argue that there is no place for ego here, would our field be where it is today without some of the egoist figures from the past? Where does egoism fit in with the paranormal

LLIFS Resource Directory - Old ghost stories

New! 3rd July 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes General, Paranormal Book Club. 143 views. 0

This week in the LLIFS Resource Directory, I am featuring 3 books over a century old detailing some of the oldest ghost stories known. There are also links so you can read them for free via public domain!

The anchoring effect & the paranormal

New! 2nd July 2022 Reading Time: 8 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1297 views. 2

The anchoring effect is a form of cognitive bias where a person relies too much on information they already know which influences their decision-making process. Let's explore how this can impact us during a paranormal investigation

Deceptively exposing deception

New! 29th June 2022 Reading Time: 9 minutes General. 200 views. 0

In a book I am reading (for the 100th time) something is standing out today more than ever. It talks about people using deception as a means to expose deception. After looking more into 'Project Alpha' and how it all went down and comparing it to the paranormal field and social media, I have to wonder, do two wrongs make a right?

Houdini and the ghostly photo

New! 28th June 2022 Reading Time: 7 minutes General, Harry Houdini. 1693 views. 0

Houdini was involved in debunking many spiritualists, including those who practised spirit photography. There was however one photo that supposedly had him stumped. Is this the photo Houdini couldn't explain?

A boy, retrocognition and psychic projection

New! 26th June 2022 Reading Time: 12 minutes General, Paranormal Theories, Paranormal Investigation. 107 views. 1

A look at how retrocognition and psychic projection could work together!

A paranormal investigator and imposter syndrome

New! 25th June 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes General. 124 views. 0

Does the dreaded imposter syndrome mean that some of the best ideas and research are not being shared because we don't feel 'qualified' enough to share our findings?

A Dream within a dream

18th June 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes General. 1599 views. 3

In his poem 'A dream within a dream' Edgar Allan Poe asks the simple yet complicated life question, is what we see real?

Encounters with an Apparition (Kitty's Story)

18th June 2022 Reading Time: 4 minutes Encounters with an apparition, General. 190 views. 0

In this edition of encounters with an apparition, we look at a very detailed and intriguing submission from reader Kitty.

Jung, Rhine and the breadknife

17th June 2022 Reading Time: 10 minutes General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 160 views. 0

One of the more infamous stories related to analytical psychologist Carl Jung was that of the shattered breadknife. There seemed to be no one more intrigued by this story than famous parapsychologist J B Rhine.