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Black Rock House Paranormal Tours Interview

New! 23rd October 2020 Paranormal Locations, Tales of Black Rock House, General. 72 views. 0

Sarah was interviewed on 88.3 Southern FM about Black Rock House Paranormal Tours. Have a listen!

It is ok to outgrow your current situation

New! 17th October 2020 General. 113 views. 0

Many of us have or plan to be in the paranormal field for a long time. Our views change, we learn, we evolve and grow. It also means we can outgrow our current situation and want change. It is important to follow your heart, or you could end up making your situation a place you do not want to be.

The God Helmet

7th October 2020 General, Paranormal Equipment. 163 views. 0

Otherwise known as ‘The Shiva’, The God Helmet is an experimental and controversial device said to produce ‘god like visions’ and induce altered states of consciousness including out of body experiences and sightings of apparitions.

Belief of the soul

3rd October 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 680 views. 1

There is a debate in the paranormal as to what a ghost really is.  While the more common belief is that it is the spirit of a person who was once living, there are other explanations on the table.  From us manifesting our own activity, time slips, alternative dimensions, psychic projection through to us just making it up all up in our mind, there are many different areas that people spend their time researching.  In order to look forward, first we must look where we have been.  For centuries, people have believed that a ghost or spirit is the soul of a person who was once living.  So let's explore the very concept of our soul and where these beliefs stem from.

JOTT: Just One Of Those Things

2nd October 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 267 views. 0

Have you ever lost an object only to find it days, weeks, months or even years later right in front of your eyes? It is a phenomenon that happens so often that it has been given a name. From DOP to JOTT, the Disappearing Object Phenomenon is Just One Of Those Things.

Pepper’s Ghost

28th September 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Photography. 172 views. 0

Pepper's Ghost is a trick illusionists use to project an image. It is similar to the way a hologram works. While it is a trick used in 'haunted houses' for entertainment, it is something that you can also unknowingly capture on camera under the right set of circumstances and something paranormal investigators should be aware of.

Are we willing to accept evidence?

26th September 2020 Paranormal Investigation, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 233 views. 0

The description of a book I am reading sparked a train of thought that I felt compelled to write about. It asked "if we are willing to take evidence of such often off-limits topics seriously". Does the backfire effect mean we will not accept this information?

Is it our instinct to believe in the paranormal?

25th September 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 184 views. 0

Are we born with the instinct to believe in the paranormal? What is evolutionary psychology and could this explain why we perceive things the way we do when it comes to the paranormal?

The alien, the ghost and our consciousness

20th September 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 276 views. 0

Are accounts of an alien abduction or ghostly encounters one in the same? What is the connection with both on a psychological level and on a consciousness level?

Ladies of Paranormal Past: Sarah Estep

19th September 2020 Ladies of paranormal past, General. 239 views. 0

Sarah Estep was one of the more modern day pioneers of EVP research and is the star of this edition of Ladies of Paranormal Past.