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Things you can do if you have no investigations

1st January 2020 General. 967 views. 0

It's the beginning of the year and it may be a while before your next investigation. Problem is, you are itching to go out and investigate but it is not an option at the moment. How can you get your paranormal fix without an investigation? Here are my tips! Tell me yours!

Using metaphysical tools during a paranormal investigation

31st December 2019 General, Paranormal Investigation. 225 views. 5

While people will typically take things like K2 meters or spirit boxes on a paranormal investigation, others like to use metaphysical tools. Lets look at the different tools you could use, why they could be used and some ideas on how they could be used.

Predictions and hopes for the paranormal field in 2020

31st December 2019 General. 256 views. 0

As another year draws to a close, we all start to make plans for what is next! So here are my predictions and hopes for the paranormal field in 2020

Sound Healing

30th December 2019 General. 200 views. 0

Sound Healing has become quite popular in recent years but is actually an ancient practice. What is it all about and what are the benefits of sound healing?

Slow Shutter speeds and paranormal photos

30th December 2019 Photography, General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1329 views. 1

Do you have what you think is a blurry apparition in your photo? What about those coloured rods? It is a case of motion blur due to a slow shutter speed. What can you do to avoid motion blur on your photos? Here is why it happens in your photos and how to avoid it!

Ladies of Paranormal's Past: Rose Mackenberg

29th December 2019 General, Ladies of paranormal past, Harry Houdini. 192 views. 0

Rose Mackenberg worked for Harry Houdini as an undercover plant to help Houdini in his quest to expose fake psychics. In two years, she investigated 300 psychics and did a lot of significant work for Houdini as his right hand woman in his fight against the spiritualists.

Knowles Family UFO Encounter

28th December 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 218 views. 1

In 1988, the Knowles family were driving along the Nullabor Plain in South Australia on a trip from Perth to Melbourne. In the early hours of the morning, something strange happened.

Paranormal Book Club

23rd December 2019 Paranormal Book Club, General. 202 views. 2

In 2020, I will be starting a paranormal book club, a place where we can recommend and discuss books covering different paranormal topics. Here is how it will work, how you can get involved and also some tips on how to purchase books - especially those hard to get ones!

A night with John Edward

9th December 2019 General. 704 views. 2

I recently went with a friend to see John Edward (on the condition I behaved) so I went in with an open mind and to be an observer for the night.

Lessons in friendship

6th December 2019 General. 371 views. 0

I wanted to stear away from the more serious side of the paranormal that this blog often explores and have some real talk. During your time in the paranormal field, you will also learn some lessons along the way about people and human nature. It is all a part of the journey into becoming your true self.