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Dark adaptation and red Light

4th September 2020 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 290 views. 2

When our eyes are exposed to light and then dark, they go through an adjustment period called dark adaptation. During a paranormal investigation, we are often not allowing our eyes to properly adjust to a change in light. This can cause us to see things that are not there. Red light however can help with this process.

The snake oil salesman and the charlatan

2nd September 2020 General. 249 views. 0

Snake oil salesman and charlatan are often words that some people use to describe certain people or certain activities of those within the paranormal field.  Let's look into the history of these phrases and discuss their use within the paranormal field

High levels of EMF can make a person feel they are experiencing something paranormal

1st September 2020 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 1362 views. 0

EMF is something a lot of investigators will look at to possibly debunk paranormal phenomena. Symptoms of EMF exposure mimic those 'feelings' people get when they feel something paranormal is happening. So let's look at EMF a bit closer and what it does to a person.

Philosophy and the afterlife

31st August 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 294 views. 0

Descartes is famous for his thoughts of duality and the pineal gland being the 'seat to the principal soul'. He also had some thought provoking thoughts on dreaming and so much more. Let's explore these thoughts and their connection to the afterlife.

EVP with Sarah Chumacero

23rd August 2020 Interviews, General, EVP. 227 views. 0

I sat down with the team from Paranormal Concept on their podcast for a thought provoking discussion getting into the nuts and bolts of EVP.

Kinesis and the powers of the mind

19th August 2020 General. 261 views. 0

Telekinesis is considered to be the power to manipulate or move objects using the mind. While psychokinesis is one of the more well known ability, there are other lesser known categories as well. From hydrokinesis to pyrokinesis, let's explore the different categories.

Parasomnias and the paranormal video

18th August 2020 General, Videos. 131 views. 0

Talking about different parasomnias which are often associated with paranormal experiences while someone is asleep. Ghostly encounter or dreaming with your eyes open?

The hundredth monkey phenomenon and the paranormal

15th August 2020 Paranormal Theories, General. 509 views. 0

Could the hundredth monkey phenomenon be an example of collective consciousness? What is the collective unconscious and what does all this mean for how we view the paranormal?

Perceptual Bias and the Paranormal

11th August 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 290 views. 0

How we perceive the paranormal is influenced by our own belief systems. Perception and reality are different. Expectation alters perception. So let's look at an actual study on perceptual bias and the paranormal.

The Narrative Fallacy - Turning paranormal investigations into ghost stories?

9th August 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 247 views. 0

The narrative fallacy leads us to see events as stories. Does our brain needing to recap things as stories to understand them mean we are not seeing things as they truely happened?