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Paranormal Book Club: EVP

19th April 2020 Reading Time: 5 minutes Paranormal Book Club, General. 507 views. 0

Here are some book recommendations and even links to free online material on the topic of EVP!

Inattentional Blindness & the paranormal

16th April 2020 Reading Time: 7 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 687 views. 0

Sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us, but we can't see it because we are too focused on something else! If we are too focused on that piece of equipment or too busy thinking of questions to ask etc, we may be missing something right in front of our eyes!

Pocong scaring people to stay at home!

13th April 2020 Reading Time: 4 minutes General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 561 views. 0

Villages in Indonesia are using the long standing superstition surrounding "ghosts" with people dressed in sheets and make up to patrol the streets, hoping that the fear and sightings of the 'pocong' will keep locals inside and safe from coronavirus. Let's look into the superstition surrounding pocong!

Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know

8th April 2020 Reading Time: 6 minutes General. 416 views. 0

Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know Volume 1: What the eyes see and ears hear the mind believes.... but is everything what it seems?

Supernatural Synchronicity

8th April 2020 Reading Time: 3 minutes General. 498 views. 0

Wondering what exactly Supernatural Synchronicity is all about? Here is all you need to know plus a tiny peak at what to expect.

Emotional investment

5th April 2020 Reading Time: 11 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 468 views. 0

Sometimes we become emotionally attached to an experience, evidence, history and even a location. How can this impact us during an investigation? How can we use this to our advantage?

LLIFS: Online Zener card testing & community forum

4th April 2020 Reading Time: 9 minutes General. 288 views. 0

I am very excited to launch an online Zener card testing platform. This is my inspiration and motivation behind it as well as the grand plans for the large database I hope to build.

Why are people reporting a 'spike' in paranormal activity while spending more time at home?

2nd April 2020 Reading Time: 8 minutes General. 717 views. 0

Many of us are either in lockdown, working from home, and at the very least having to practice social distancing. It means that we are spending a lot more time at home. One of the unexpected side effects is that according to social media, many people have reported they are noticing heightened 'paranormal activity' in their homes. Let's look at the different reasons this could be happening.

Heart rate and the paranormal

29th March 2020 Reading Time: 9 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Theories. 492 views. 0

Many people use their heart rate as a form of evidence that they are experiencing something paranormal. Is a rise in heart rate an indication something paranormal is happening, or is it our bodies' reaction to our own fear or excitement. Does our heart rate help us to predict the future? There has been some controversial research on this topic that may just add to weight to 'trusting your gut'.

The real 'spirit' in the room

28th March 2020 Reading Time: 6 minutes General. 766 views. 0

We walk around in the dark looking for a 'spirit'. What we may miss however is that there is some amazing 'human spirit' right here in front of us in the paranormal field.