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Are animals psychic?

25th April 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 648 views. 1

Our pets seem to know when we are about to arrive home. They know when a storm is coming. They know when we are sick or depressed and need comfort. They can find their way home despite being kms away. They seem to have traits of what humans would describe as psychic abilities. So are animals psychic?

Are we capable of finding answers?

25th April 2019 Supernatural Synchronicity, General. 415 views. 1

Is it quite simply 'human nature' that is stopping up from getting the answers we seek in terms of paranormal phenomena? Are we setting ourselves up to fail when we don't specifically know what we are looking for?

The Akashic Records and our soul

25th April 2019 Paranormal Theories, General. 875 views. 3

The spiritual community often talk about things like the Akashic Records and a life review for our soul after we die. What is our soul? Do we learn lessons in each lifetime? What are the Akashic Records? I explore these concepts further.

The curious case of Kelly Cahill

22nd April 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Conspiracy Theories. 2403 views. 2

A case so famous, it was even referenced on the reboot of the X Files happened right at my doorstep here in the Dandenongs of Melbourne Victoria. What is the case of Kelly Cahill?

Sharpening the axe

21st April 2019 General. 578 views. 0

Abraham Lincoln once said "Give me 6 hours to cut down a tree and I will spend the first 4 sharpening the axe". Why is it important we apply this philosophy to the way we approach paranormal research

Residual VS Intelligent Haunting

17th April 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1193 views. 0

Investigators often like to label a potential 'haunting' as either residual or intelligent. What do these mean and how do you tell the difference?

Trusting that gut feeling

11th April 2019 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General, Paranormal Investigation. 689 views. 0

Trust your gut is a term we all often use. I know I do all the time. In a field where we are always promoting rational and critical thinking, should we be trusting our gut feelings when it comes to paranormal investigating?

Automatic Writing

9th April 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Paranormal Investigation. 616 views. 0

What is automatic writing? Is this a trusted method of spirit communication? What should people be mindful of?

Active imagination

8th April 2019 General. 722 views. 2

How can we bridge the gap between our conscious and unconscious mind? Is this the key to interpreting our dreams? How can we apply individuation to our role in the paranormal field?

The Stone Tape Theory

2nd April 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, Paranormal Investigation, General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 2931 views. 3

What is the stone tape theory and what is it all about? Where did it come from and is there any merit to the claims?