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Ladies of Paranormal's Past: Rose Mackenberg

29th December 2019 General, Ladies of paranormal past, Harry Houdini. 759 views. 0

Rose Mackenberg worked for Harry Houdini as an undercover plant to help Houdini in his quest to expose fake psychics. In two years, she investigated 300 psychics and did a lot of significant work for Houdini as his right hand woman in his fight against the spiritualists.

Knowles Family UFO Encounter

28th December 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 636 views. 1

In 1988, the Knowles family were driving along the Nullabor Plain in South Australia on a trip from Perth to Melbourne. In the early hours of the morning, something strange happened.

Paranormal Book Club

23rd December 2019 Paranormal Book Club, General. 312 views. 2

In 2020, I will be starting a paranormal book club, a place where we can recommend and discuss books covering different paranormal topics. Here is how it will work, how you can get involved and also some tips on how to purchase books - especially those hard to get ones!

A night with John Edward

9th December 2019 General. 845 views. 2

I recently went with a friend to see John Edward (on the condition I behaved) so I went in with an open mind and to be an observer for the night.

Lessons in friendship

6th December 2019 General. 612 views. 3

I wanted to steer away from the more serious side of the paranormal that this blog often explores and have some real talk. During your time in the paranormal field, you will also learn some lessons along the way about people and human nature. It is all a part of the journey into becoming your true self.

Cobwebs & paranormal investigating

2nd December 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 974 views. 3

We go out usually at night into old buildings, some of which are in almost derelict conditions.  They can be dirty, unclean and unkept. One of the common things you encounter on an investigation is not just the scary concept of spiders ……. But the cobwebs they are behind.  Cobwebs sometimes can be mistaken for something else.

The observer effect and the paranormal

29th November 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Theories. 959 views. 0

The observer effect in physics suggests that just by observing a phenomenon will inevitably change it. In psychology, it suggests that a person behaves differently once they are aware they are being observed. What could this mean for paranormal phenomena?

Smell and the Singapore Theory

26th November 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 1315 views. 0

When using the Singapore theory we often use things like music or trigger objects to see if a spirit will interact with us. What about using one of the most powerful tools to invoke memory and emotion ....... smell!

In the words of: Peter Underwood

24th November 2019 In the words of:, General. 831 views. 1

Famous paranormal researcher Peter Underwood is well known for his work within the paranormal field. As an author of over 50 books, president of the Ghost Club and member of the Society of Psychical Research, he had a lot to say when it came to paranormal phenomena. Let's break down some of his quotes in this next instalment of In the words of ...

Memory and the paranormal

24th November 2019 General. 756 views. 4

When a person passes away, while we don't know for sure what happens next, what we do know is that the memory of that person continues to live on with family, friends and even now within technology. Could the simple act of a group of people remembering a person or an event spark some sort of paranormal event?