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The Autokinetic Effect

26th July 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 785 views. 1

We know the brain loves a good optical illusion. When our brain and eyes work together to interpret what we see, often it tricks us into thinking things are moving around. The autokinetic effect can make stationary objects seem as if they are moving in the dark. Some UFO sightings could be attributed to this phenomena. So let's look at the autokinetic effect in more detail.

Reach for the stars!

26th July 2019 General. 256 views. 0

There is something about this field that allows us to fulfil something within us. Whether it is a podcast, blog or YouTube channel, this field allows us to express ourselves creatively and achieve great things. Don't wait for opportunity to knock, go out and do the things you want to do! When you love something so much, anything is possible. REACH FOR THE STARS!!

The pineal gland and psychical abilities

23rd July 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 882 views. 1

Spiritually, the pineal gland is considered to be the 'third eye'. Does this and its impact on female hormones have a connection to the theory that females are more sensitive to the paranormal? What is its connection to DMT otherwise known as the 'spirit hormone'? Do female hormones play a part in psychical ability?


17th July 2019 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 714 views. 0

You will have heard of precognition which is otherwise known as 'future sight'. Did you know there is also a reverse version called retrocognition? Can a person psychically know a past event, or it is just a form of memory phenomenon? Is it a form of déjà vu? Is it linked with psychometry? Here is all you need to know about retrocognition.

Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

8th July 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Harry Houdini. 838 views. 0

An unlikely friendship between a world renowned magician and famous author brought together and also torn apart in their search for paranormal truth!

Real life gets in the way!

7th July 2019 General. 527 views. 1

As much as want to 'live and breathe' the paranormal, realistically, that isn't possible. There will be times when real life gets in the way! Social media paints a fake picture sometimes and people may feel alone or isolated and maybe even feel like they don't or can't do enough, but I promise you, this happens to all of us at some point!

Conversations with a Paranormal Investigator - Julie Wraight - Mystic Jewelz AU

3rd July 2019 Conversations with a paranormal investigator, General. 514 views. 0

Julie is known as Mystic Jewelz AU and runs tours at the Caboolture Historical Village in QLD. She is an empath, psychic and physical medium as well as an eclectic witch..

Pareidolia/matrixing is really just our brains trying to be smart

2nd July 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 4070 views. 2

Pareidolia, otherwise known as matrixing is a type of apophenia - a psychological phenomenon where your brain tries to make sense of data. It is why you will see a face in the clouds. Here are some examples from my own travels in the paranormal field and how they were 'debunked' as well as looking at how apophenia in some ways applies to facial recognition technology (such as snapchat) that are commonly mistaken as 'ghosts'.


26th June 2019 General, Paranormal Equipment, Paranormal Investigation. 1137 views. 0

Dowsing is a form of divination originally used to find water and certain metals and materials. Spiritually, a lot of people like to using Dowsing as a form of spirit communication. So let's look into the different forms of Dowsing and the ideomotor phenomena.

A lot of the time, nothing happens during an investigation

23rd June 2019 General, Paranormal Investigation. 1778 views. 1

Reality television tells us that as soon as we enter a building, we are in for a night of 'What was that?' and surprises at every corner. In real life, a paranormal investigation is very different, in fact, a lot of the time nothing happens at all!