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Evolution of a spirit box

4th July 2020 General, Paranormal Equipment, Paranormal Investigation. 778 views. 0

Ghost boxes or Spirit boxes as they are widely referred to, are one of the most controversial and polarising items which are used during paranormal investigations. How did research evolve to using a modified radio sweep to communicate with spirits? I look at the history and theory behind spirit boxes.

What is the 'Dybbuk Box' and why are people so scared of it?

2nd July 2020 Famous Paranormal Cases. 16666 views. 15

How did a antique wine box become one of the world's most haunted items? Here is the origin of the Dybbuk Box and how the lore behind it was created.

How I unmask the spirit fakers by Harry Houdini

28th June 2020 Harry Houdini, General. 246 views. 0

Article first published in 1925 in which The Great Houdini exposes the trickery of fake spirit mediums.

The rhyme or reason behind paranormal investigating

28th June 2020 General. 228 views. 0

Why do we do what we do? Is it to capture proof or to gain an understanding? Should we focus on how to investigate or the why?

Blind Spot Bias and the Paranormal

25th June 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 278 views. 0

Sometimes we won't take another person's opinion on board because of their belief system. We think they are bias. At the same time however, we are failing to recognise that by thinking this way, we too are being bias.

'Tuning In' to the right frequency

23rd June 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 390 views. 0

How a tuning fork could potentially help with EVP research

The problem with pareidolia

21st June 2020 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Theories. 557 views. 0

People tend to become quite attached to pictures they believe are paranormal as they often represent a connection to an experience. Many pictures are debunked as pareidolia which is still often dismissed by many due to this emotional connection. Is pareidolia something hard wired in our brains or is it a cognitive subconscious decision as to how we we interpret it?

Lessons of a paranormal investigator in 2020

17th June 2020 General, Paranormal Investigation. 291 views. 0

With investigations slowly starting again, what have we learnt and how will we move forward for the rest of 2020

The myth behind the moon

17th June 2020 General, Paranormal Theories. 363 views. 0

Is there a connection between the moon and the paranormal?

Getting back into the swing of things

17th June 2020 General. 162 views. 0

As the World is slowly reopening, we look forward to getting back to doing what we love! What some people may be surprised with though, is the anxiety that can come with this 'new normal'.