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There is always that one annoying person on tour

16th April 2017 Paranormal Investigation. 823 views. 0

There is always that one person at the end of the tour everyone is talking about - for all the wrong reasons. How do you deal with them?

Investigating Labassa for the very first time

9th April 2017 Paranormal Locations, Paranormal Events, Paranormal Investigation. 1859 views. 2

Recap of the first ever paranormal investigation at Labassa

You need to be you, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

9th April 2017 General. 685 views. 0

In a field full of politics, you need to stand your ground and be true to yourself

Who is Annabelle and why is everyone so scared of a doll?

4th April 2017 General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 9050 views. 2

With a movie based on a real life haunted doll, what is the real story behind Annabelle?

The Heights investigation

26th March 2017 Paranormal Events, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Locations. 491 views. 0

Recap of the first paranormal investigation of The Heights

Trespassing is not only illegal, it gives investigators a bad rep

26th March 2017 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1315 views. 0

Trespassing is illegal and damaging to the paranormal field

Being sensitive to different cultures and the deceased’s privacy during a public paranormal investigation

19th March 2017 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 560 views. 0

When conducting an investigation, it is important to discuss with the venue what you can and cannot disclose out of respect for the deceased and their families.

Passion for the paranormal can make me passionately frustrated

7th March 2017 General. 695 views. 1

I am so passionate about the paranormal that it is easy to get frustrated with those who are potentially doing damage to the field

Invest in yourself to become a great paranormal investigator

18th February 2017 General. 1051 views. 2

Ghost hunters and Paranormal investigators are different. Which do you strive to be?

Understanding the different causes of ORBS

19th January 2017 Photography, General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 5579 views. 5

ORBS - you either love or hate them. Here is how your camera can produce the 'ORB' effect