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Why do people use sage to 'cleanse' a person or house?

14th July 2017 General. 7026 views. 7

Those who conduct cleansings or practise personal protection during investigations often use sage. Why?

Why do batteries drain?

10th July 2017 General, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Equipment. 3320 views. 1

We often hear of equipment batteries draining during investigations with the assumption it is caused by paranormal activity. Why do our batteries go flat and is it paranormal? How can we use this knowledge to our advantage during an investigation?

Is paranormal investigating dangerous?

9th July 2017 General, Paranormal Investigation. 1467 views. 0

Some paranormal reality television shows claim that investigating should only be done by trained professionals as it can get you killed as their promo states. While this is a bit extreme likely for the sake of entertainment, we should ask the question 'is paranormal investigating really dangerous?'

Tales of Black Rock House - The Drawing Room

6th July 2017 Tales of Black Rock House, General. 888 views. 0

In this instalment, we venture into the drawing room. This room has the only original piece of furniture belonging to Black Rock House. What happens when people sit in the chair?

A paranormal investigation of the Old Melbourne Gaol

27th June 2017 General, Paranormal Locations, Paranormal Investigation. 1027 views. 1

For the first time in 10 years, the Old Melbourne Gaol opened it's doors for a paranormal investigation which I was lucky enough to be hosting.

Offering a different opinion doesn't always mean the person is trolling

19th June 2017 General. 972 views. 1

Are we so used to trolls on social media that we take any comment we don't agree with as trolling?

Finding a venue for your next paranormal investigation

8th June 2017 Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Locations, General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 973 views. 0

Want to investigate a new location but don't know where to start?

The mystery behind the Sarah Winchester mystery house

5th June 2017 Famous Paranormal Cases, Paranormal Locations, General. 9692 views. 1

What is the story behind one of the most famously 'haunted' locations in the world?

Paying online doesn't make you an 'official' paranormal investigator

4th June 2017 Paranormal Investigation, General. 1653 views. 5

With a variety of courses available online, it is important to consider what exactly they are offering.

Island of the Dolls

28th May 2017 General, Famous Paranormal Cases, Paranormal Locations. 1979 views. 1