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Paying online doesn't make you an 'official' paranormal investigator

4th June 2017 Paranormal Investigation, General. 1656 views. 5

With a variety of courses available online, it is important to consider what exactly they are offering.

Island of the Dolls

28th May 2017 General, Famous Paranormal Cases, Paranormal Locations. 1983 views. 1

Investigating Ripponlea was a ripping good time!

28th May 2017 General, Paranormal Events, Paranormal Investigation. 1228 views. 0

Develop a thick skin, and learn to accept criticism

22nd May 2017 General, Paranormal Investigation. 1110 views. 1

I am often asked what is your advice to new investigators?

Interview with Brian J Cano - Haunted Collector

17th May 2017 Interviews. 1373 views. 0

Interview with Brian J Cano from - Haunted Collector ahead of his 'Once more around the Block' Australia tour.

Flash photography and the paranormal

10th May 2017 Photography, General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 999 views. 1

Flash photography and paranormal investigating are not a great combination. Here are the reasons why I don't like it.

Do investigators spend too much time debunking to enjoy what is potentially in front of them?

1st May 2017 Paranormal Investigation, General. 765 views. 0

Is there such a thing as too much debunking?

The famous crying boys paintings

30th April 2017 Famous Paranormal Cases. 4087 views. 1

The crying boy is a worldwide urban legend. It is the painting that is rumoured to be haunted or cursed. Anyone that hangs one in their house is under threat of a fire at the hands of the cursed painting. Is there truth to this story or is it all a myth?

Why the paranormal community will never be taken seriously

25th April 2017 General. 2200 views. 4

It is no wonder the paranormal community will never be taken seriously while people purposely fake evidence for their own agenda.

Tales of Black Rock House - The living quarters

22nd April 2017 General, Paranormal Locations, Tales of Black Rock House. 1058 views. 0

In this third instalment, we venture into the living quarters