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A personal experience is that just that ..... It's personal

7th October 2017 General. 983 views. 2

We all started somewhere and usually it has stemmed from some sort of personal experience. While it is not something can be used as evidence, it is an important part of being an investigator because it reminds us why we are out there seeking these answers.

The fight or flight response

4th October 2017 General. 2814 views. 1

When put under stress or confronted with something that you fear, what is your natural reaction? Your body goes into what is known as 'fight or flight' mode.  What is it and why do we react this way?

Why we should be logging data to back up our claims

26th September 2017 General, Paranormal Investigation. 706 views. 0

The paranormal field is full of theories and claims, but how many of them are actually backed up by data?


25th September 2017 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Investigation. 2655 views. 1

No doubt you have come across the term 'Poltergeist' during your investigating travels. What does it mean? What is a typical 'poltergeist' haunting and can it be attributed to pre teen hormones?

Activity occurs any time of day (even when the sun is out!)

24th September 2017 General, Paranormal Investigation, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1509 views. 0

While as investigators we investigate at night for a variety of reasons, phenomena is reported to occur at all times of day. If you are investigating the paranormal, there is also no rule you have to turn the lights off.

EVP Burst Sessions

19th September 2017 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Investigation, EVP. 1711 views. 0

All about EVP Burst sessions

Investigation of Como House

15th September 2017 General, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Events. 1245 views. 1

Find out why Como House always seems to make it onto the bucket list of paranormal investigators across Victoria. A bit of history and of course, a bit of investigating!

The Devil of Glenluce - Satan's invisible world discovered

15th September 2017 General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 2157 views. 1

Thought to be the earliest documented account of poltergeist activity dating back to 1655. Hear the tale of Gilbert Campbell who danced with the Devil himself

Observation is an important investigating technique

14th September 2017 General. 6008 views. 0

There are lots of fancy gadgets and lots of articles out there telling you the steps to getting a great EVP (I even wrote one ;p) but there is one technique that is often missed ..... the art of observation

Don't knock it till you try it!

10th September 2017 General. 1243 views. 0

Do you quite often form an opinion about equipment or technique without actually trying it? Yep me too ... guilty as charged. Here is why though, we shouldn't knock it until we actually try it!