Ghostly voices have been appearing on tape recordings for decades. Known as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), learn all you need to know about EVP like where it came from, how it works and the theories as to why these voices appear on recordings. We start by exploring the research from pioneers such as Friedrich Jurgenson & Konstantin Raudive and how EVP research has evolved throughout the years. 

How can you do you own recordings?

What are the different recording methods and equipment you can use? 

What techniques and experiments can you try besides just the typical question and answer sessions? 

How do you review your audio? 

What natural causes can be mistaken for this phenomenon and what interferes with our recordings? 

Finally let's talk about what these voices potentially are. Are the voices from the other side or maybe from out of this world? 

This is a comprehensive instructional and interactive guide suitable for anyone interested in the paranormal designed to make you think and question everything you think you know about EVP and the paranormal. Whether you are a fan of watching your favourite television personalities walking around with a digital recorder or starting out as a paranormal investigator yourself, this will give you everything you need to know and more! If you have been out in the field for years, there are some new ideas and technical information for those wanting to take their research a little further. There is something for everyone in this guide!

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