UK Blogger and the Society of Psychical Research’s Event Reporter Ashley Knibb teams up with Australian Blogger of Living Life In Full Spectrum and Author of Stuff Paranormal Normal Investigators Need To Know Sarah Chumacero, to bring you Supernatural Synchronicity. As writers with the same passion for the paranormal, late night conversations soon inspired them to put pen to paper. The series was first released as a small collection on articles, which has now evolved much further into an interesting philosophical discussion chapter by chapter. Using a collaborative approach, Ashley and Sarah connect philosophy, psychology, physiology and even psychics to paranormal research to ask the hard questions like ‘What is the source of psychical phenomena?’ ‘Can we simplify the unknown;’ and ‘Is Time the Key?’ To name just a few. Offering an alternative perspective to paranormal research has Ashley and Sarah reviewing and responding to each other’s claims and research showing how important peer review and collaboration within the paranormal field is no matter where in the world you find yourself. With the foreword written by Brian J Cano (Haunted Collector) from the USA, this unique journey comes full circle in what is almost an act of synchronicity. Supernatural Synchronicity will challenge the reader to think about paranormal phenomena from different perspectives and spark discussions. Most importantly it will pose questions and encourage the reader to ask their own questions. After all, the most important part of what we do is questioning the unknown, but equally questioning what we think we know.

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