Books available to be selected:

  • Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need To Know Volume 1: What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes (SPINTK Vol1)
  • Stuff Paranormal Investigators Need to Know Volume 2: My brain is the key that sets me free (SPINTK Vol2)
  • The LLIFS Guide to EVP
  • Supernatural Synchronicity co authored with Ashley Knibb

Book Bundle Details

Price: $20 per book (discounted price when bundled, normally $25 per book)
Postage: 1-4 books = $9.95 | 4-6 books = $12.45
  • 5 SPINTK books in stock.
  • 5 SPINTK2 books in stock.
  • 16 SS books in stock.
  • 30 LLIFS EVP books in stock.

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