What is an EM Pump and why do investigators use them?

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Once you start getting past the basic equipment that you probably see on tv shows, you start to venture out and look at ways you can potentially enhance your paranormal investigations. A lot of investigators like to use EM pumps! What is an EM pump, how does it work and why do we use them?

We all know about K2 meters and other pieces that people view as basic equipment that most people have in their kit. Once you delve into the world of paranormal investigation a lot further, equipment starts to get a bit fancier and complicated. Some investigators like to experiment with things in an attempt to increase their chances of spirit communication. To do this, they use what is called an EM pump.

What is an EM Pump?

An EM pump quite simply is a little box which ‘pumps’ out a low level magnetic field . Some pump out a static pulse while others, vary in pulses and frequencies. These versions usually start off quite low around .2Hz and then increase up to 256Hz. They are thought to be a safer version while providing a range of fields that a spirit can potentially interact with. They consist of a magnet that is propelled by a motor at different speeds that create a magnetic field. While they may operate differently in how much output they give, their purpose is the same.

Why do we use an EM pump on a paranormal investigation?

There is a theory that spirits can manipulate the electromagnetic field. This is why we use things like K2 meters, to measure any anomolies. In using this theory, it is thought by producing our own electromagnetic field with a pump, you are essentially providing energy or almost like ‘spirit fuel’. In the same way you may ask a spirit to drain your equipment or even your own energy, instead they can use the pump. The theory is that the pump may give a spirit more energy meaning you may have a better chance of trying to communicate.

What are the cons of using a pump?

EMF has an effect on the human body. Being around an EM pump may make you feel sick, dizzy or even feel the presence of something paranormal. As you are on a paranormal investigation, it could be you are in the presence of something, but if you are too close to an operating pump, it is probably making you feel like something is there. It is advisable to get a distance of around 3 meters for your own safety. It can also damage equipment - espeically any equipment with a magnet in it if used too close.

If you are operating a pump during an investigation, it will set off most pieces of equipment – especially EMF meters such as K2 and Mel Meters. This is because these devices are designed to take a reading of EMF. You are producing EMF so of course you are going to get a reading. While there is a safe distance to be away from an operating pump, it would still be difficult to be sure that it wasnt the pump setting off your equipment. Especially if it is one that changes it's level of output randomly.

What are the best ways to use an EM pump?

There is no hard an fast rule that says you need to use a pump. If you do wish to use one, some people like to have a pump running in the room before they investigate. They turn it off once inside so equipment is not affected and start their investigation.

Some people like to have the pump running during the investigation. So long as you keep in mind the physical effects it can have and disregard your equipment then it is fine to do this as well.

Do EM Pumps work?

There is no ‘proof’ that EM pumps actually work in enhancing our chances of spirit communication but it is certainly worth a try. I would actually suggest starting a log to see if they are worthwhile. Log each time you use a pump and don’t use a pump. Have you noticed an increase in genuine activity when a pump has been used? What kind of activity? Is there a certain amount of time to leave the pump running to get a better result? The best way to answer all of these questions is to try it out for yourself. Like anything, I know a lot of investigators who swear by pumps, and I know others who think they are rubbish. Try it out for yourself, measure your results and you decide if it is something that works for you.

Do you use EM Pumps? Do you feel they work? Tell me in the comments below.

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