Ultrasonic sound and the paranormal

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I have recently come across some research from different sources that show how ultrasound (ultrasonic noise) can effect digital recordings and appear to be what some would consider an 'EVP'. On the other hand, can ultrasound aid a paranormal investigation?

EVP is probably one of the most common techniques a paranormal investigator uses. I know for myself, it is pretty much all I use when I am on an investigation. I don't know what produces the phenomena, but I know it is there. Could it be a ghost? Could it be a form of psychic projection? Could it just be noise my brain is interpreting to be something else? This is one of the many questions, I am trying to get answers on. Through this research, I have recently come across the theory that ultrasonic sound can actually manipulate a digital recording and create a sound that would be considered by some to be an EVP. I have also come across others who are looking at the possibility of ultrasonic noise aiding a paranormal investigation, much like the work we do with infrasound.

What is ultrasound?

I am not referring to the medical procedure that you have to have a look at your insides. While this procedure has it's name because it uses sound waves, this post has nothing to do with ultrasound from a medical perspective. We are looking purely at the 'sound' component. An ultrasound is a sound that is undetectable by the human ear which is caused by vibration. It is a sound wave that is above the 20000HZ range that the human ear can hear. Think of a dog whistle. It is a high pitched sound that we cannot ear, but a dog can. That is considered to be an ultrasonic frequency.

The whole concept of sound is made up by frequency and vibration. A vibration creates a sound wave. Nearly all objects when hit, struck or somehow disturbed, will create some sort of vibration. You may not hear it with your ear, but it is happening. When an object vibrates, it vibrates at a certain frequency. It is this frequency which determines if you can hear it or not. As we know the human ear can hear frequencies between 20 - 20000hz give or take. Some people can hear more outside this range or less. The older you get, the less you will also tend to hear.

What produces ultrasound?

Anything and everything. Just rubbing your fingers together can create ultrasound. Any sort of movement can create a vibration either within your body or an object nearby. Research has shown that your computer monitor emits ultrasound and from this they can actually work out what image is on the screen without looking at it. The key is within the ultrasound. There is noise around us all the time, but we are not hearing it. The only way to hear it is to use an ultrasonic detector. Companies will use ultrasonic detectors that allow them to hear these high frequency noises through a device using headphones as it allows them to identify any maintenance issues with equipment. The friction and turbulence of a machine may be emitting a higher frequency noise that we are not hearing. You can also get devices that emit these high frequency noises to repel a dog. It is called a dog dazer and ironically it is made by K-II enterprises which also manufacter the safe EMF range device - otherwise known at the K-II meter. One would also have to wonder if ultrasound effects a K-II Meter? It certainly would not suprise me.

Does ultrasound effect our EVP

I have seen various articles and videos which suggest that ultrasound can in fact show up on a digital recording. While it doesn't sound like it at the time to the person in the room, upon playback it does show up as an anomaly. Here is an example.

How to work around this

Unless you have an ultrasonic detector, it is going to be impossible to know what sort of ultrasonic noises you are surrounded by. If you have what would be described as a class a voice that many people agree is saying the same thing, I would say it is pretty unlikely that it has been caused by ultrasound. If it is one of those Class C noises which sounds just like a noise, it is something you should be writing off anyway. Upon many of the different causes, this could be caused by ultrasound. I am a big supporter of using a video camera for investigating. Not because I think that you are going to catch something paranormal, but more to use for documentation. It is an unbiased look at what is really happening in the room. You can match a video up with your audio and it can allow you to trace the source of where a potential evp is coming from. Did someone move or knock something when the sound occurs? This sort of information can be really helpful when reviewing an EVP.

Can ultrasound aid paranormal investigating?

In the same way people experiment with infra sound, there is a lot of work you can do with ultrasound as well. The world is made up of vibrations and frequency and perhaps the spirit world if it exists could be too. I always ask the question 'How do you see us?' as I am curious that if there is a spirit, do they see as solid people or do they see us as a form of energy or light. The responses I receive seem to indicate they see us as energy so does this mean they are emitting a vibration or frequency? If we hit that special high frequency, what will happen, will we connect? Can we help a spirit to come forward? Can we unlock residual enrgy by hitting the right frequency? Will using ultrasound enhance our chances of communicating? It is certainly worth trying and researching. Just be aware of course, it can show up with your recordings.

If you are getting bored with the regular paranormal investigating thing, then start thinking outside the box a bit. Look into things like ultrasound and think about how perhaps you can use it. Does it aid you or is it something we need to be wary of? There isn't a lot of published information out there about using ultrasound so maybe we need to change that. Start sharing your ideas and your findings. We all have a lot of the same questions and maybe together we can find some answers.

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