What exactly is haunting us?

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Following on from the article 'Are we the ghosts' here are some more interesting theories from the world of paranormal investigators as to what it is that could be 'haunting' us

I have written previously an article called 'Are we the ghosts?'. It more looks into the parapsychology side of things and the capabilities of the human mind and then goes on to touch on energy imprints. That article as a whole very much represents where my research is currently leading me. I have found actually it seems to be quite a natural progression with a lot of paranormal investigations once they have been in the game for a number of years. They start to really delve into parapsychology and start asking the real questions. You start to realise that things don't always add up. While a lot of phenomena can be debunked, we still seem to end up with more questions than answers. While this is my research is leading now, it wasn't always. When I first started investigating the paranormal, I thought that a ghost or spirit was a deceased person. From a lot of my talks and surveys I have done, a lot of people that do believe in spirits or ghosts are of the belief that a ghost or spirit are the soul or energy of a person who was once living. I think it is the general consensus among a lot of people who believe in the paranormal who haven't really delved into extensively. So what are some other explanations that people have for what a ghost or spirit could be? What is it that is haunting us?

Is a ghost and spirit the same thing?

I learnt early on that a lot of people define a ghost and a spirit as separate things. A lot of this is covered in Hanz Holzer's book 'Ghosts'. I wouldn't say it is something that I necessarily agree with but it seems that people define 'Ghosts' as a residual energy. This goes back to the energy imprint I was referring to in the previous article. It is an energy of ghost that can't communicate. It is just replaying a certain event and is in a loop almost. It is just a form of energy which again investigators refer to as a residual haunting.

A spirit is what people define as an intelligent haunting. A spirit is thought of as a person that once lived that is still here for whatever reason. Some believe they have a form of unfinished business or for some reason did not want to cross over. They can see you, talk to you and communicate with you. This is the more traditional explanation of what a spirit is.

I had someone ask me the other day which was a valid question and it was, with all the of the people in the world, why is it only small percentage are spirits 'haunting us' and the rest we never hear from? The only answer I could come up with to really respond to this relies on the perception that a spirit was once a living person and the rest relies heavily on religion. Religion does whether we like it or not influence the way we view the paranormal. That is actually a very delicate article I am currently working on so I won't go into detail right now about religion and it's influence. People do however seem to think that when a person dies, they goto some sort of heaven or their soul is absorbed by the universe or they ascend to a higher consciousness depending on beliefs. What are you are left with is the ones who don't want to cross over or can't cross over. Some believe they have unfinished business or they are a tormented soul and stuck here. The fact is of course we don't know. Maybe we will never know. Maybe we are not supposed to know. Maybe though as I have said in the article linked above, we are looking at things in the wrong way and a ghost or spirit isn't what we think it is at all. Maybe it is us! Which leads me to another interesting thought.

The Others

I have heard people ask the question, what if we are the ghosts? In response to this, some people respond with what they call 'The Others Theory'. I don't think I would go as far as labeling it as a theory. It is really just the plot of a movie but it is still an interesting thought. It wasn't a particularly great movie in my opinion, however the twist at the end was something that got a lot of paranormal enthusiasts talking. Spoiler alert if you haven't yet seen it, but it was released in 2001 so I think enough time has now passed. The movie centers around Nicole Kidman's character Grace who was a devoutly religious woman caring for her two Children Anne and Nicholas while her husband is missing in action at the War. She is extremely overbearing and overprotective of them and they are confined to the mansion due to a disease where they are sensitive to light. The Children start experiencing weird things around the house. They continue to amplify even though she tries to ignore it. At the conclusion of the movie, they find themselves in a room where she sees a table of people holding hands conducting a seance. Some of these people are the 'ghosts' they had seen around the house. They asked the children 'Is this how she killed you?'. Everything suddenly unfolds and you realise that Grace and her children were not being haunted by ghosts ...... they in fact were the ghosts. All of the phenomena they were experiencing was living in the same house as living people that they could not see or interact with. At the time, this was a pretty big twist. The ultimate movie twist had only occurred 2 years earlier in 1999 with Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense where again it was him that was the ghost so these kinds of twist were pretty new to viewers back then and we ate it up. Ghost stories had never been told in such a way before. When you rewatch the movies again after knowing the ending, there are clues everywhere, but it was something that you just didn't suspect. They were different to the usual haunting movies where there is some evil entity trying to harm a family moving into a house. Even more so, it got people thinking. The way it was presented actually had the viewer thinking, could this actually happen? Are we viewing hauntings in the wrong light? While I am not necessarily implying here that we are all dead, it really makes you think. In the same way that say I cannot see a ghost or talk to them like say a psychic medium might be able to, are they the same with me? Are we co existing in the same realm without even knowing it? Maybe they aren't even dead? Maybe it is some sort of time shift or alternate dimension. It may sound like it is a bit out there, but to some so is the idea that a person that has died can be standing in a room opening cupboard doors. How is a haunting even possible? More to the point what exactly is haunting us? Maybe it is us from the past or the future?

What is time anyway?

This is a discussion I have had with people many times and it can get really technical and confusing. I am not one for mathematics. I hate math, I was never any good at math and in fact I am really bad at math. So I am in no way claiming to know anything about all the confusing stuff in quantum physics etc. I hear though a lot about linear time and non linear time. Linear time means that you are moving forward into the future in a straight line at the same rate. We accept that time moves forward like a ticking clock. What if it doesn't work that way? I am not really a Dr Who fan but I came across an image that I think accurately depicts what it is I am trying to explain to the easily confused like myself.

What if a ghost or spirit is actually just us human living people co existing in non linear time? We are progressing forward at different rates because time isn't defined by the clock on the wall. What if we are in a building doing an investigation and we are actually communicating with someone else who was there investigating the building in the future (or even in the past?) . It is confusing but somehow it sort of makes sense? Well it does to me in some ways.

Ive written before about the Butterfly Effect and parrallel universes and how this could also play a part in things so lets not forget that too.

So what are we left with? A hell of a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. This to me is what it is about. It is the things that kind of confuse me but make sense and make me research them further. It is the things that make me question everything that I thought I believed. I have changed my perception so many times as a paranormal investigator. I have gone between being someone who thought they were extremely sensitive to someone almost too skeptical that almost didn't believe in anything. I have navigated myself to the in between of having an open mind with a lot of different possibilities even ones I may not initially agree with, but also applying an unbiased rational mind at the same time. I don't have any of the answers. But I sure have a lot of questions!

What do you think? Do you believe in any of these theories or do you have some of your own? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Sakib 8 months ago

    All I can say is that planet Earth is full of jinn.

  • Kenda Elise 9 months ago

    Interesting!! -- We ARE Spirit, there's that. So, I guess we could, in theory, influence technology ~ But, when I think about it, using an Ovilus for instance: How is it we'd choose a "situation appropriate" word from a bank of, say, 6500 words? ~ And, even if we COULD, WHY would that be any LESS miraculous than witnessing a disembodied consciousness doing the same? ~ I do think it's a mistake labeling a repeater energy "Residual" and judging it to be incapable of communicating. Very often these types of entities WILL communicate with an individual that they either "resonate" with or cannot tolerate... While not giving the time of day to others ~ There are energies of living people roaming around as well... In the 15 yrs I've been recording, I've heard quite a few Out of Body travelers communicate on-tape ~ As you point out, the "No Time" or "Spiral Time" concept complicates things a million-fold! ~ I'm of the mind that we just don't know much of anything really concrete in this area, there's too much going on around us... to many variables to consider (probably many that we're not even aware of). People try to nail paranormal theories down, but there's always that ONE exception, and one exception is all it takes to reduce a great sounding theory's importance to nearly nothing. Fun to ponder!

  • Amanda Louise 1 year ago

    Hey Sarah! Great Post! I love that you are open to many possibilities. I had not really thought about the concept in this way until recently myself. Have you read or listened to Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza? I'm about half way through right now (audio) and a lot of your suggestions about the parallel universe options resonate with what he's talking about. :)

    • Living Life In Full spectrum 1 year ago

      Hi amanda, glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t read that book but I will definately check it out! Thanks Sarah

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