The Montauk Project

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The popular TV series Stranger Things is based on a book - The Montauk Project - Experiments in time. The thing is, the writer of the book claims it all very much happened in real life and was not a case of fiction. Here is the story of the Montauk Project.

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Stranger Things is a popular tv series airing on Netflix. It was set in the 1980’s with a big part of the story focused on a secret government base which held secret experiments that seemed like something written specifically for a Science Fiction mini series. The thing is, the TV was actually inspired by what some believers claim to be very real experiments under the code name ‘The Montauk Project’.

Preston B Nichlos

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In the mid 1980’s, rumours started circulating that the government were conducting experiments out of either Camp Hero or the Montauk Air Force Station. Nichlos wrote a book about the repressed memories he was able to access while detailed his time as a participant during the experiment. Over time, others came forward to corroborate his story. One of those people was Al Bielek who he later claimed to work with on several experiments.

Al Bielek

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Let me take you back to the article I wrote on the Philadelphia Experiment. In the 1980’s, a man by the name of Al Bielek came forward and said that he worked on the Philadelphia experiment. He claimed to be onboard the U.S.S Eldridge when it disappeared for several hours during a test to make the vessel invisibility using cloaking technology they were developing. He claimed the vessel instead traveled through time from 1943 through to 1983. He and his brother who were also onboard apparently jumped off the vessel during the time warp. They ended up staying in Long Island New Year in the year 1983 as a participant in the Montauk Project.

In 1988, Al was at home watching the movie ‘The Philadelphia Experiment’ based on the famous conspiracy theory. He was left with this uneasy feeling that he had seen all of this before. Bielek underwent treatment with new age therapies where he was able to access memories of his time on the U.S.S Eldridge and his subsequent time on the Montauk Project. He claimed his name was originally Edward Cameron and that his memory had been wiped due to his involvement with the top secret projects.

His first mission along with his brother was to go back through a wormhole and destroy equipment on board of the U.S.S Eldrige. They were successful in their mission, but were kept at the Montauk facility.

Montauk Chair Experiments

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Nichols details an experiment that he claims he worked on with Bielek. In the 1970’s at the Camp Hero base, Nichlos and Bielek worked on an experiment called the ‘Montauk Chair’. It was a chair that used electro magnetics which would enhance the physics powers of the person sitting into a chair. Bielek was asked by the government in the 1960s (when he was Edward Cameron) to convince his father to have another child. His consciousness from 1983 was transferred to this baby (his brother) in 1983 and referred to as a ‘Walk in soul’. An accident later on caused him to age rapidly which is why he appeared a lot older than someone born in the 1963.

It turns out that the brother that was onboard the U.S.S Eldridge with him was this Walk-In soul version of Bielek who was named Duncan Cameron. Duncan was found to have had psychic powers so was the main participant who used this psychic chair. He could make an item appear just by thinking of it. If he had a lock of someone’s hair or an item that belonged to them, he could connect to their consciousness and see what they were seeing, feel what the feeling and hear what they were hearing no matter where they were in the world.

Nichlos who conducted the experiments with Duncan in the chair, claimed he was a very powerful psychic. They next tried mind control experiments where several men came forward saying through regressed memories they remember be taken from their homes and taken to camp hero where the military would try to mentally break them and implant subconscious information. These abductees called themselves the ‘Montauk boys’. Duncan became so strong he was capable of time travel. He was even able to reach Mars. It was when upper management informed Nichlos to leave the chair running all the time that it created a wormhole which is how Bielek and his brother (the 1943 versions) came through the wormhole. Nichlos had to make sure the 1943 and the 1963 versions of the brothers didn’t meet and decided that time travel was too dangerous.

To shut the program down, Duncan was encouraged to unleash a monster using his subconscious. It was big and hairy and ate anything in site. In order to kill this monster, Nichlos would have to smash the chair and all of the equipment. Once he did, the monster disappeared.

“We finally decided we’d had enough of the whole experiment. The contingency program was activated by someone approaching Duncan while he was in the chair and simply whispering ‘The time is now.’ At this moment, he let loose a monster from his subconscious. And the transmitter actually portrayed a hairy monster. It was big, hairy, hungry and nasty. But it didn’t appear underground in the null point. It showed up somewhere on the base. It would eat anything it could find. And it smashed everything in sight. Several different people saw it, but almost everyone described a different beast.” Excerpt from 'The Montauk Project' Experiments in time

The participants were later brain washed and the lower levels of the base were filled with cement and the program abandoned. People claim to visit camp hero today and hear screams coming from the tunnels and claim power is still running to the base even though it is abandoned implying there are still experiments taking place to this very day.

It sounds exactly like season 1 of Stranger Things with the character of Eleven taking the role of Duncan (the walk in soul). While the story of Stranger Things is based on a book, the question is, did the events of the book really happen? Most people read the book as a 'fiction'. All participants who came forward only received their information though regressed memory therapy. Does this mean they were real memories, or were they 'false' memories suggested by the contents of the book and the movie 'The Philadelphia Experiment'. No matter which way you look at it, there is an important thing to remember, never underestimate the government.

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