The main intuitive senses

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Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Claircognizance are thought to be the 4 main intuitive senses. Let's look at them in more detail and explore how they often tie in with the field of parapsychology

There are thought to be 4 main intuitive senses. Some people have all of these abilities, while some only have one, and some of us don't think we any at all. Some of you reading this may potentially resonate with some of these at varying levels or had an experience with similar components. The common ground however is that most people that I talk to about having these abilities will tell me that they all were born with it. They have had the ability since they can remember. Some can even remember experiences from when they were a child. Many will agree in saying that they believe everyone is capable to some degree of accessing these abilities and that it is something within all of us. Some people don't believe they exist at all. I am not really someone with these abilities so I can't really offer an answer on that, but I am open-minded to it and have seen and experienced some strange things myself. There is a branch of paranormal research referred to as parapsychology which looks to explore if they can validate or measure these senses so there is clearly a lot of interest in the subject that deserves further exploration. So let's explore these senses a little deeper.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

A person may physically see things manifest. They often have precognitive dreams and images with information are presented in their minds. We all have dreams. A precognitive dream is one that shows the dreamer a vision of the future. There are many accounts all over the world of people perhaps dreaming of a certain place they have never seen or heard of before and months later they suddenly find themselves in that exact same place. Some people believe they are warned about future events in their dreams. There are reports of people for example who dream of natural disasters days before they occur. Another form of a precognitive dream is considered to be a sign that you are on the right path. Some take it as a message from spirit or spirit guides. Some consider it just a coincidence. When the event itself happens and you experience it in waking life, you have a sense of deja vu because everything is familiar.

If you would like to know more on precognition, you can check out the article I have written previously: Precognition

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

A person may audibly hear a message physically or mentally within their mind. Messages are sent telepathically and they communicate via thoughts. Some may confuse this with a disembodied voice. The difference here would be that this voice is not something that could be caught on a recording as the person is hearing it with their mind. As it is quite literally a voice in your head, some people can become confused and feel that perhaps they are experiencing some form of psychosis. Psychotic episodes are a form of escaping reality. Psychic experiences are described as adding an additional function to your existing reality. A lot of people with psychic abilities will tell you that often they feel outcast or told they are 'crazy' because people don't properly understand. They hear someone saying that they are hearing voices in their head and it is the natural conclusion they jump to. While it is certainly something that should be considered in certain circumstances, it is important to look at the bigger picture. If a person has the ability of clairaudience, they usually have other abilities as well.

Clairsentience (clear feeling)

A person can physically feel and sense the emotions of energy including pain. Using a person will describe themselves as an empath. As well as feeling spirit emotions and energy, they can also feel human emotions as well. We all have empathy on a certain level. When our friend cries, we often cry. If our children are hurting, we feel every tear regardless of if we are an empath or not. We have some element of empathy programmed into us. It is just more sensitive or dialed up in some than others. It is with this in mind that it would make sense that people can feel the emotions of a spirit. How many times have you been on an investigation and someone will suddenly become very emotional or upset? You ask them what is wrong? They can't explain it. They feel sadness grief and may even shed physical tears. All they can tell you is that it is not their grief. It is like they are picking it up from someone else. It is referred to as emotional transference.

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Claircognizance (clear knowing)

A person just knows information almost like a gut feeling that they can feel 100% deep within their soul is correct. A gut feeling at times is also described as a form of intuition. It is just knowing what is going to happen. While some people believe they have a psychic gift that allows them to pick up on these things, Science tells us that everyone is actually capable of intuition in some capacity. Often these feelings, emotions, and predictions are made from the brain processing information and comparing it to what is your subconscious. The brain has made its decision so to speak, but you are not consciously aware of it yet. Intuitive thinking is described as a very fast process and again it is something that happens on an unconscious level. Intuitive thinking is thought to be quite reliable as it is judging a situation based on your own experiences and comparing them to what is happening now. An important thing here which I will expand on a little more below is that once your experience in a particular area increases, your brain has more of a reference point and your intuition actually improves. This makes sense in a way when you think of psychics who work with intuition. They are constantly training and working on their abilities and therefore their experiences so is this how they get better over time?

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Clairscent (smelling)

While the above 4 are considered to be the main intuitive sense, there are a lot of ways in which spirit can affect a person. Another way is what is called Clairscent. This is the ability to smell something that is not something that a physical nose is smelling. It is a smell a person suddenly picks up on that is completely out of place and is considered to be from spirit. Quite often this happens in the form of perfume, cigar smoke, cooking - something that would be significant to the spirit and the message they are trying to communicate. I personally remember my Grandfather smelling of Old spice aftershave. After he passed, there were occasions where I would out of the blue suddenly smell his aftershave. To me, it gave me comfort that he was around and making himself known. While I do not have the ability of clairscent, most people will have had similar experiences where out of the blue they have smelt something out of place and interpreted it to be from spirit.

Smell of course can be a very tricky thing to distinguish. If you would like to know more about 'smells' and the paranormal, check out this article Smell, phantosmia and the paranormal

Accessing psychical abilities

For some people with these abilities, things just happen. They feel they are open all the time and 'spirits' visit them and are always around them making themselves known. For others, they have had to work a bit harder to be able to focus in on their abilities - which is not uncommon as again people have different levels and sensitivities. A lot of people use meditation to not only focus on their abilities but also to develop and become 'more in tune'. There is a belief that anyone is capable of accessing these abilities. This brings us to one of my favourite areas of paranormal research ..... parapsychology.


Do these abilities really exist? Well, there seems to be enough interest in the subject that there is a specific 'branch' of paranormal research dedicated to asking that very question. Parapsychology is a field of study that investigates what is considered to be ‘psychic’ phenomena. Mainstream science considers this to be a pseudoscience with claims from the scientific community that the research of the past has failed to prove anything. While to a lot of scientists it is a taboo area that gathers a lot of criticism, science has over the years become more and more open-minded toward this field. Psychology refers to the study of human behaviors and the mental process. Parapsychology is an extension of this and looks at the mental process and human behavior which are inexplicable by what is considered to be orthodox science.

As parapsychology is seen as almost experimental psychology, it will not surprise you to know that parapsychologists spend their time researching and conducting experiments. Their main focus is PSI which is a term that parapsychologists use to describe the different types of psychic phenomena. They do not focus their time on studying things like UFO's, bigfoot etc, their focus is mainly on PSI. The 5 main areas they concentrate this study on are:

Telepathy: This is the ability someone has to understand the thoughts and ideas of others. It could be hearing the words or thoughts of another person or seeing flashes of images. They may also be able to send or receive a message to another person purely through thought.

Clairvoyance: This is usually the ability to 'see or predict the future'. They either have a vision or a dream of themselves in a situation or someone else who delivers this message to them.

PK or Psychokinesis: Think of Carrie! It is the ability to move or manipulate things with the power of the mind. Interestingly, when an EVP is caught, it is thought to be a form of micro-PK as a spirit has manipulated the recording - or is the recording a result of the human mind?

Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists: This area is very broad but it is usually approached from a different angle than how most other paranormal investigators would approach it. What exactly is a ghost? Is the activity a manifestation of the human mind? This is why this area is considered to be a part of parapsychology.

NDE or Near-Death Experiences: A near-death experience is the personal experience of a person where moments before death they feel they have been in contact with deceased family members. While science often tells us that it is a chemical response of the brain shutting down, studies have suggested there could be more to it and again this is an area that parapsychologists do look into.

What is particularly interesting, is that when testing or research is done, it is not just specific to people who claim to have these abilities. While of course there are psychics that are put to the test so to speak, they will often test subjects who do not identify as having any of these abilities to see if they are capable of 'accessing' these abilities. Results are mixed and like anything in the paranormal, there is nothing 'concrete' to prove things either way. I personally do think to an extent that we are capable of certain abilities. It even leads me down a certain path to where I think that a person with these abilities can almost 'cause paranormal phenomena' much in the same vein as 'The Philip Experiment' or a form of psychic projection. Our mind is so powerful, but just how powerful? We may never know.

Do you identify with any of the above senses? Have you done any testing or experimenting in the vein of parapsychology? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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