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You will have heard of precognition which is otherwise known as 'future sight'. Did you know there is also a reverse version called retrocognition? Can a person psychically know a past event, or it is just a form of memory phenomenon? Is it a form of déjà vu? Is it linked with psychometry? Here is all you need to know about retrocognition.

Precogniton is best described as ‘future sight’. It is thought to be a form of extrasensory perception where a person has a psychic ability to be able to see events in the future. A person is not mentally causing a event to happen, they are simply predicting it. Most commonly, people experience precognition in the form of a dream. Did you know there is a reverse version called retrocognition?

What is retrocognition?

Retrocognition is the ability to read or pick up on events in a person's past by using a psychic ability. It is also referred to as 'Backward Knowing'. This ability can be access through different areas.

  • Retrocognitive Artistry: A person is able to draw, paint or even write about another person's past events
  • Retrocognitive Dreaming: In the same way a precognitive dream would work, a person can have a precognitive dream of a future event, they can have a retrocognitive dream of a past event of another person (that they had no knowledge of).
  • Spontaneous Retrocognition: A person can randomly receive information about a person's past, usually as a vision.
  • Trance work: A medium will enter a trance like state with the intention to channel the information and 'tune in' to a person's energy to read their past..
  • Psychometry: A medium will use a physical item of a person to 'read' the past.

Is Retrocognition the same as Psychometry?

Psychometry is a psychical ability where a person is able to pick up an object and read it's history intuitively. By touching the object, they may see impressions or images in their mind, they may taste or smell something, they may physically feel a sensation or they may even feel emotion. With psychometry, you are able to 'see' by using touch. A person who has this ability is referred to as a 'psychometrist'.

A lot of people who are psychic mediums often tell me that they can read the energy left behind on a physical item. For example, if someone who was a psychometrist was to wear my wedding rings, they would be able to get 'impressions' of my energy. Some people apparently work backwards and will pick up on the most recent person to handle the item where as others claim they specifically target a certain energy.

This is not thought to be it's own form of a psychic ability like ESP or telepathy is, it is more thought to be a tool that someone uses to be able to channel their ability. In the same way say someone may scry into a crystal ball or use tarot cards to aid a reading, others may ask for a physical item of the person you wish to contact so they can concentrate on contacting this energy. It is in fact often compared to scrying for this reason.

Psychometry and retrocognition are often linked as some mediums require to physically touch an item to be able to perceive their past events.

Is retrocognition a form of Déjà vu?

Déjà vu is a common phenomena which I have written about before. Some people associate it with precognition and even parallel universes where suddenly you may see a place and suddenly you have this feeling that you have been there before. A lot of psychic mediums link feelings of déjà vu to retrocognition.

It can also be a form of a memory phenomena. I recently wrote an article about the Baader Meinhof Phenomenon where your brain looks for things that are relevant to you. Often things are right in front of us, but we take no notice of them unless they are relevant to us. For example if you start talking about a red car, you will suddenly notice every single red car on the road. Some people believe this is what causes us to feel déjà vu . I could unknowingly be flicking through a magazine and see a picture of a house with detailed information. Months later, not remembering that I have seen this in a magazine I may find myself suddenly 'knowing' information about this house as I visit it or drive past it. I feel like I have been there before like maybe I lived there. I may remember an event that happened there, but I know that it didn't happen to me. In reality, my brain is triggered because it has remembered that I know something about this house and it gives me the sense of familiarity. In some ways it could feel like a form of retrocognition or even precognition because of the feeling of knowing something about this place that I have never been to or visited before.

Unlike a lot of other psychical abilities, retrocognition has not been tested much in the field of parapsychology mainly due to the fact that it is impossible to prove that a person was not aware of a past event consciously or subconsciously. As mentioned above, even reading a piece of information which may seem trivial at the time remains deep within our subconscious. This information may become relevant at some point and our brain will remind us of it. It will feel like it is completely new information that we must be receiving. It may even feel like déjà vu. This is where it is difficult to determine if a person has received this information through the ability of retrocognition, or if it is something deep within our subconscious.

Of course we don't know the extent of the information that is in our subconscious and what it is capable of. Some believe that consciousness does not conform to the laws of space and time. If our subconscious has the ability to access information from our unconscious mind and it is not bound by time, is that how people get visions of the future or even the past?

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