Predictions and hopes for the paranormal field in 2020

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As another year draws to a close, we all start to make plans for what is next! So here are my predictions and hopes for the paranormal field in 2020

It is the end of an era!  The end of 2019 not only marks the end of another year, but also the end of a decade!  This was the decade that I and many others first stepped foot into the paranormal field, and we have never looked back.  Whether you have been investigating for 30 years or this is your first year, you are probably starting to think about what to aim for next year.  So in the 'spirit' of things, these are my predictions and hopes for the paranormal field in 2020 on both a personal and general level.

Lots of new people will enter the paranormal field and new groups will form

The paranormal field is more popular than ever before.  It is now socially acceptable to spend your weekends out there ghost hunting, hell it is even cool now.  Like many of us, someone will go on their first investigation and they will get the bug.  They will want to do it more and more.  Friends will get together and may even start a group.  As someone who has been in the field longer, we need to reach out and offer support and guidance.  We often complain about people not being educated when it comes to the paranormal, so it is time we took accountability and did something about it.  Give them source material.  Give them advice.  Often people will reach out and want to work with another group or even contact you to say they want to join your team.  While you don't have to say yes, give them a bit of help.  Give them the guidance they need.  If everyone ignores them, they have no choice but to try and figure things out on their own which is a shame because there are a lot of great minds out there they can learn from!  It can even be as a simple as recommending them a good book to get them started.  **cough I have a great suggestion**

There will be a new 'must have' piece of equipment

We as investigators do love a good toy.  I have had almost every piece of equipment out there.  Most of it does not get used anymore, and if it does, it is for people to use on tours.  I will always try something new, but we have to remember that nothing is proven to actually 'detect' spirits.  More so, equipment is reading the environment around us so it is up to us to work out what is going on.  Things go through phases.  For a while K11s were pretty popular, until people realised how easily they could be interfered with.  Spirit boxes were pretty popular and then the portal devices became a must have as well.  A few years ago it was the Ovilus.  In 2017 I feel like it was static electricity detectors.  2019 saw two trends.  Data logging is becoming popular again (YAY) and a lot of people are getting onto the EDI (I just bought one for the data logging), and it seems cat toys are the new thing.  These are balls that light up when they are moved.  In some ways it makes sense because we used to use ping pong balls or kids balls to show us if there has been any movement in a room.  This is just a variation with lights so you can see as it happens.  Whether you are for or against the cat ball is up to you but what I will plead with you is, don't get ripped off!!  In 2020, a lot of places will be selling 'paranormal balls' which are overpriced cat balls.  If you are going to use Cat Balls, goto your local Kmart and get them.  I have seen these balls selling for over $20 on ebay labeled as paranormal balls and I think it will only get bigger in 2020.  $3 at Kmart and don't pay a cent more!

People will do dodgy things

I mean I guess this is a given, but we seem to always act surprised when it happens.  I am outraged and surprised every single time but I shouldn't be.  Its life and it is going to happen!  It is likely you will encounter or at least hear about someone doing dodgy things in the field.  It will make you angry.  You work hard to do what you do and this person seems to be making a mockery of the field and makes us all look bad.  It is going to happen.  It is sad, it is wrong and it makes me angry to but it is going to happen.  Focus on the positives and don't give it attention because it doesn't deserve it.  You may even lose some friends or feel you have been betrayed by people close to you in the paranormal field.  Ego can be a funny thing.  So can jealousy.  Make sure that you are doing what is right for you.  Sometimes the people you work with don't fit anymore, and that is OK.  It is important that you are working towards your dreams and what you want to do, and not someone elses.  In a lot of cases, we have families to look after, households to run and jobs to work in.  Our spare time is precious, so make sure you use it wisely.  If you don't enjoy it anymore, take a break.  Don't ruin it for those around you because you are not happy anymore.  Life is too short and it is an expensive hobby, so make sure you enjoy it!  If that means having to go alone and change things up, now is the perfect time to do just that!  Equally if there are people you want to work with, start getting the ball rolling.  There is no time like the present and the beginning of a year is a perfect new start!  New beginnings!

Hopeful to see more intelligent and non aggressive discussion

This is probably my biggest hope for 2020.  I am seeing a lot of intelligent discussions happening, however when someone offers a different opinion, people tend to get aggressive.  Lets be respectful of one another.  We can have a different opinion yet still have a conversation like adults.  Social media makes it pretty easy to hide behind a keyboard, so in 2020, I hope we can all try to be a little bit kinder.  If you are in a heated discussion, I ask you to take a minute or 2 before hitting that send button.  As someone who is often on the end of negative abuse because of the content I post, I can't tell you how much this can affect a person's mental health.  When a person puts their heart and soul into writing for example and a person sits and finds every flaw and throws it back in your face, it hurts.  When a person makes negative remarks on your appearance, it hurts.  When a person is mean just because they can be, it hurts.  If you do find yourself on the end of such abuse, take a mental break from social media.  These can be very beneficial.  If you see something you don't like, keep scrolling.  You do your thing, let them do theirs.

So what is in store for LLIFS in 2020?

Well it is safe to say that 2019 was one for the books ...... quite literally because I released 2 of them!  My new years resolution for 2019 was to write a book, something I had wanted to do since I was teenager.  I have two choices.  I can either sit back and say hey I achieved what I wanted to do, time to relax or I can reach even higher into the sky.  Knowing me, which one do you think I choose?

I had an amazing year at Black Rock House meeting and making friends with new people and building relationships and memories with the returning crew!  A personal highlight would have been being contacted by the SPR in the UK asking me to submit my book for review.  I hesitated and even thought maybe I was out of my league.  I am always promoting peer review so it would be hypercritical of me to not submit my work for review.  I was thankful I did.  I got a great review and some good feedback I can use to improve my writing going forward.  I have loved all of the photos you guys have sent me when the book has arrived in the mail and the lovely messages and feedback you have given me.  To hear that people use it as a training manual for new team members is just amazing!  I am so very thankyou for your support.   I appeared on a few podcasts on Ghost Call Radio, Parasearch Radio and the Inner Sanctum which was a lot of fun - scary for me but a lot of fun.

2020 will hopefully see at least 1 book released but I have plans for more.  Supernatural Synchronicity will be making a comeback with a new look and a new topic which may even surprise you!  I have a few interviews lined up for 2020 as well.  I did retire from them for a while due to my own insecurities and anxieties but I am slowly trying to be a bit more public again!  I will be back at Black Rock House again for another amazing year and hoping to get back to working on experiments.  A lot of my research will be focused in this area and I will be doing what I can at Black Rock House.  So if you are booked on for an investigation next year with me, I hope you don't mind being my guinea pig!  I will be releasing the online Zener Card platform which will be fun for everyone and I will also be launching Paranormal Book Club!  Lots of work and coding is happening behind the scenes now to make this all happen so please bare with me!.  I am happy that I am able to do what I do, but it takes time.  Running a website is not cheap and takes a lot of back end work and coding but I am lucky that I am in a position to be able to offer everything I do at no cost for everyone to enjoy.  The blog will be remaining FREE for anyone to access and the Zener Card platform and book club will also be FREE as well.  The thing I am most proud of is that I don't have ads on my website and it will remain this way as well.  I am forever upgrading and making things better so you will gradually see more and more improvements and features as time goes on!  The mailing list will be upgraded and changed as well, possibly to a push notification service but we will see what happens.

I hope to visit many more locations and even get back into photography again.  Most of all, I hope to connect with many more of you next year and maybe even meet some of you in person.  I am a very socially anxious person which may surprise a lot of people.  If at an event I don't come up and say hello to every person it is not for any other reason than I am terrified to start a conversation with someone.  I can stand in front of a room and deliver a talk or even run an investigation but afterwards, I am completely awkward.  I am never one to make the first move in conversation in person nor online.  So if you want to have a chat, I am always here and ready, just shoot me a message and I will happily have a chat!  When I went solo to focus on my blog, it was the best thing for me and every year since then has just gotten better.  I always thought I would be in a group, until it didn't work for me anymore.  I never wanted to run tours, yet now I have access to a location I am in love with and I actually really enjoy what I do.  The things you want to do will continuously be changing, but what is important throughout is that you are being true to yourself.

I hope everything you want happens for you in 2020 but most importantly just remember that you are in control of the drivers seat.  You can't want something but not do the work.  It is a lot of hard work, but you will feel the reward of fulfillment once you achieve that goal!  Reach for the stars my friends and stay spooky

Sar xxx

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