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Do renovations amp up paranormal activity?

28th January 2018 Reading Time: 7 minutes General. 2811 views. 4

It is a common theory often talked about by paranormal investigators. We don't know for sure it is speculation so lets look at how and more importantly why would renovations amp up activity (and if it even does at all)

Tales of Black Rock House - The Children's Bedroom

25th January 2018 Reading Time: 3 minutes Tales of Black Rock House, General, Paranormal Investigation. 1679 views. 1

Decorated with a creepy looking rocking horse and bizarre wallpaper, it is one of the most intriguing rooms in the house where we have gathered one of our most intriguing pieces of evidence.

Analog VS Digital Recorders ... Which is better for paranormal investigating

22nd January 2018 Reading Time: 8 minutes Paranormal Equipment, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General, Paranormal Investigation, EVP. 2670 views. 0

Old school investigators swear by their analog recorders and magnetic tape while new school investigators like the convenience of a digital recorder. So which is better for paranormal investigating? I look at the pros and cons


21st January 2018 Reading Time: 6 minutes Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 2805 views. 2

Do one of your friends or family ever tell you “I saw your exact double today. They looked just like you!” Have you seen someone's double while out investigating? What is the doppelgänger phenomenon and what are the theories surrounding it?

It's the people that keep me going

14th January 2018 Reading Time: 4 minutes General. 1334 views. 0

We all meet people along the way on our paranormal journeys. We sometimes underestimate how important they are to us.

A cemetery is probably the most unhaunted place you can find

14th January 2018 Reading Time: 8 minutes General. 870 views. 1

When most people go out on their own to do a paranormal investigation, one of the first places they tend to go is a cemetery. The thing is, there usually isn't much going on and sometimes it is something that should be left alone.

Apotropaic magic is more common than you think

12th January 2018 Reading Time: 6 minutes General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 6058 views. 1

Do you have a piece of jewellery you wear or a special ritual you perform which is supposed to keep evil away? If you do, this is known as Apotropaic magic. So what is it all about?

Understanding the basics of EXIF Data for reviewing paranormal photos

12th January 2018 Reading Time: 7 minutes General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Investigation, Photography. 2620 views. 1

When reviewing photos, we are always telling people to look at the EXIF data because it is a valuable tool to understanding the conditions in which a photo was taken. I explain what the EXIF Data is, how to access it and what things you should be looking at when reviewing photos for 'paranormal evidence'.

When something just doesn't seem right

8th January 2018 Reading Time: 11 minutes General. 1515 views. 0

Do you ever have someone contact you either wanting help, advice or maybe even a fellow investigator wanting your help and suddenly you see lots of red flags and something does not feel right? Your gut is telling you that something is up and you need to walk away. What are the common scenarios that you will most likely face that may make you feel like running for the hills?

Reverend Charles Bunworth and the Banshee

2nd January 2018 Reading Time: 4 minutes General, Famous Paranormal Cases. 2063 views. 0

The Banshee is part of Irish mythology thought to be a messenger from the other side. Here is a famous story from 1770 of a well respected Reverend who became ill with reports of a Banshee calling out for him a week before his death.