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Tales of Black Rock House - Looks can be deceiving

15th September 2016 Reading Time: 6 minutes Paranormal Locations, General, Tales of Black Rock House. 1689 views. 1

A new series of blogs focusing on the history, mystery and paranormal experiences at Black Rock House

Sometimes you just need to be .... NORMAL

30th August 2016 Reading Time: 4 minutes General. 593 views. 0

When you throw your life into all things Paranormal, sometimes it is OK to just be normal for a little while

Just because it's called ghosting doesn't make it paranormal

7th August 2016 Reading Time: 6 minutes Photography, General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 1966 views. 3

Not all orbs are dust. Some are the results of a photography term called ghosting which is really a form of lens flare. Here is all you need to know about ghosting and how to spot it and why it appears in your photos. The most important thing to note is just because it is called ghosting by photographers, doesn't mean it is paranormal!

Enfield Haunting - Real or Hoax?

15th July 2016 Reading Time: 12 minutes Famous Paranormal Cases, General. 6253 views. 0

The Enfield Haunting is one of the most well known paranormal cases to this day. Movies and TV shows have been 'inspired' by the events. What is the real story behind this haunting? Was one of the most famous hauntings really a hoax?

Misconceptions of a paranormal investigator

7th July 2016 Reading Time: 12 minutes General, Paranormal Investigation. 4435 views. 7

People think a lot of different things about paranormal investigators thanks to television. Here is what it is really like to be a paranormal investigator

Stuff I've learnt along the way

6th June 2016 Reading Time: 7 minutes General. 599 views. 0

For some of you, you may be ready to take the jump from being a regular that attends paranormal tours to going and starting or joining a paranormal group and conducting your own investigations. Here are a bunch of things I have learned along the way.

When it comes to paranormal equipment, keep it simple!

9th May 2016 Reading Time: 5 minutes General, Paranormal Equipment. 611 views. 0

You don't need a massive kit of equipment if you want to conduct your own investigation. It's fun, but also expensive and un-necessary

Show and Hell with Calvin Von Crush

17th March 2016 Reading Time: 9 minutes General, Interviews. 630 views. 0

Ahead of his upcoming talk at Paracon 2016, here is an interview with Calvin Crush about his special collection and if ouija boards are really the portal to hell

What do you wear to a paranormal investigation?

29th February 2016 Reading Time: 6 minutes General. 1413 views. 2

It's not a fashion show, it is an investigation. For a bit of fun, here are my tips to be warm, comfortable and practical for your next paranormal investigation.

Tales of J Ward

14th February 2016 Reading Time: 6 minutes Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Locations, General. 2822 views. 1

J Ward prison for the criminally insane is a location most investigators in Victoria know of. Here are some of my experiences during my many investigations at J Ward