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The book of the dead

17th September 2018 General. 942 views. 2

Ancient Egypt is a fascinating subject.  Equally fascinating was the belief that Ancient Egyptians had for the afterlife.  You only have to look at how a person was ‘prepared’ after they died to realise they had a tremendous respect for the soul and most definitely believed in some sort of afterlife.   They even had a book called the book of the dead which would help the soul navigate the afterlife to reach a place of eternal bliss with their loved ones.

Does the paranormal field help salvage our history?

17th September 2018 General, Paranormal Investigation. 738 views. 2

History is history. It happened and we can't change it. There seems to be a tendency to demolish in the hopes we will forget, but it is important the legacy lives on and that we don't forget. In some cases, paranormal investigations are keeping old venues open saving them demolition by bringing in much needed cash ..... but for how long?

Effectiveness of baseline readings

16th September 2018 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Investigation, Paranormal Equipment. 685 views. 0

While we do prep work and baseline readings before an investigation, does doing this during the day and investigating at night or even on a different day effect these results? How should we work with our baselines?

Conversations with a paranormal investigator .... Cat From Spirit Paranormal Investigations

13th September 2018 General, Conversations with a paranormal investigator. 515 views. 0

This week I chat to a fellow Aussie investigator Cat Ward. She has been in the paranormal field for 18 years and always willing to have a chat and lend advice to her fellow investigators. She has some really interesting thoughts too!

Fortune Telling from the 1970's

10th September 2018 General. 914 views. 0

When my Nan passed away, I was given a deck of cards she used to read. She used a typewriter and stuck the meaning to each card. They are easily over 50+ years old as well as cuttings from a New Idea article on fortune telling from the 1970's. Due to overwhelming demand from my followers, I have written each card meaning and included some photos of the cuttings. Take a journey back to the 1970's! If anything, the ads are a bit of a laugh.

Conversations with a paranormal investigator ... Brian from GhostQuest.net

7th September 2018 General, Conversations with a paranormal investigator. 516 views. 0

Brian from New Hampshire in the USA, dedicates his time to researching and running a website dedicated to maintaining a large database of 'haunted locations' as well as general information about the paranormal field.

Females and the paranormal

7th September 2018 General, Paranormal Investigation. 668 views. 0

In a typically male led industry, why is it most of the people attending tours, investigations and demonstrating abilities are female?

Random word generator VS the Ovilus

4th September 2018 General, Paranormal Equipment, Paranormal Investigation. 777 views. 0

The Ovilus is a controversial and popular tool to investigate the paranormal. I have previously looked at the odds of a relevant word appearing, but how does it stack up against a random word generator? Here is an experiment you can try using a random word generator to compare against your Ovilus results and stack up just how often do random words come up?

Hollywood 'horror' stunts to promote movies

4th September 2018 General. 726 views. 0

In our modern world, it is pretty hard to shock people. We have become so desensitised that the content in some movies is just down right disturbing. Movie companies are always looking for ways to get you to see a movie and will often promote it as the 'Scariest movie ever'. This is not a new practise. It has been done for decades. Let's look at some of the most popular examples of 'horror movie hype'.

Conversations with a paranormal investigator ..... Ashley Knibb

1st September 2018 Conversations with a paranormal investigator, Interviews, General. 579 views. 0

Conversations with a paranormal investigator aims to shine a light on individuals throughout the paranormal field from all corners of the world and the work they are doing. In the first edition, I talk to fellow paranormal blogger Ashley Knibb from the UK