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Conversations with a paranormal investigator ... Kerry Greenaway Parasearch Radio

26th May 2019 Conversations with a paranormal investigator, General. 645 views. 0

I couldn't think of a better person to start off the second season of this series. This week I talk to Kerry Greenaway who is the co-owner and a presenter for Parasearch Radio as well as working intuitively with tarot cards and crystals through her own business based in the UK.

Dermo-Optical Perception

24th May 2019 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General, Paranormal Theories. 871 views. 0

Otherwise known as Eyeless Sight, Dermo-Optical Perception is the ability to perceive colours by simply touching an object. Is this a real form of ESP or is it all a form of trickery? Let's look at it a little closer.

Blindfold Experiments

22nd May 2019 General, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, Paranormal Investigation. 1832 views. 0

Introducing a blindfold to your paranormal investigations can give some interesting results. Here are some ways you can use a blindfold on your investigations!

Superspectrum and the paranormal

20th May 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Paranormal Theories. 1493 views. 1

Author John Keel most famous for The Mothman Prophecies has some interesting thoughts on the connection between the electromagnetic field and paranormal phenomena which he dubbed 'The Superspectrum'. Lets explore this a little further

Tales of Black Rock House - The Hallway

20th May 2019 General, Tales of Black Rock House. 546 views. 0

When you visit a location, a lot of people don't pay attention to the Hallway area as to some it is just a way of getting from one room to another.  If you do happen to visit Black Rock House, I would tell you to take special notice of the Hallway, because you might be missing out!

Friedrich Jürgenson - EVP Pioneer and The Jürgenson Frequency

18th May 2019 Famous Paranormal Cases, General, Paranormal Investigation. 2384 views. 2

Friedrich Jürgenson is considered by many to be one of the EVP pioneers of modern day paranormal investigation. On a fateful day in 1959, he stumbled across the concept of an EVP, and his work truely began. He even discovered what he considered to be that magical frequency prime for communication which was dubbed as the Jürgenson Frequency.

Do spirits communicate with us during dreams?

15th May 2019 Stuff paranormal investigators need to know, General. 8435 views. 12

It has long been said by many that believe in spirits that they feel they can communicate with us or give us messages through our dreams.  Let's look at the different dream states and their claimed connections with spirit visitation. Are they just dreams, or something more?

The main intuitive senses

6th May 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 1335 views. 0

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & Claircognizance are thought to be the 4 main intuitive senses. Let's look at them in more detail and explore how they often tie in with the field of parapsychology

How to investigate the paranormal with no electronic equipment

28th April 2019 Paranormal Equipment, General, Paranormal Investigation, Stuff paranormal investigators need to know. 2997 views. 2

Let's look at the different things you can do to investigate the paranormal, without all the electronic devices. Don't forget there is also one very important piece of equipment that we may not use to it's full potential ..... yourself!

Are animals psychic?

25th April 2019 General, Paranormal Theories. 737 views. 1

Our pets seem to know when we are about to arrive home. They know when a storm is coming. They know when we are sick or depressed and need comfort. They can find their way home despite being kms away. They seem to have traits of what humans would describe as psychic abilities. So are animals psychic?