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A new place to embrace your spooky self! Register your profile today!

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A place you can be your spooky self!!

Sometimes, people don't post or write the things they want to on social media discussions because it is not entirely private from their friend lists who sometimes just don't understand why we are interested in the paranormal. A forum is a place you can create your own profile and engage in discussions with like minded people without the strings attached!

A lot of paranormal book club will take place in the forum as well as ongoing discussions on blog topics discussed and general spooky chat. Share your experiences, ask questions, network with fellow teams, review equipment, get advice or just come along and have a chat. There are categories for everyone to get involved! Use your real name or create a spooky one, it is up to you!

Anyone can read the topics, but you will need to create a profile to participate (which I hope you will!) . 

Rome wasn't built in a day and it will take a while for this to be a thriving place, so please give it a chance and participate.  It will be quiet at first, but once more people sign up it will grow.  Help me get the word out there, invite your friends, share it on your pages and encourage people to sign up! 

If you build it they will come - and it will hopefully become a great little community where we can have some great paranormal discussions!  Thankyou for your ongoing support.  This is a huge undertaking and a lot of work has been done behind the scenes to make this happen, but I can't make it work without you!  (Otherwise it is literally me talking to myself - which hey is nothing new).  Please start discussions, respond and get involved.  I can even create new categories the possibilities are endless.  This is a community I would love for us to grow together.

The forums will be moderated to handle trolls and undesirable behaviour. As such, I can't be around 24 hours a day and when this grows, I will need help!  If anyone would like to assist with being an admin/moderator email expressions of interest to sarah@llifs.com.au

Register and start chatting! Click here https://forums.llifs.com.au/

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LLIFS Forums

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