Blindfold Experiments

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Introducing a blindfold to your paranormal investigations can give some interesting results. Here are some ways you can use a blindfold on your investigations!

A lot of paranormal investigating is about the experimenting side of things. It is trying new and different ways to try and collect the data we need for our research. One way that can completely flip your experiments on their head, is to introduce a blindfold into your investigators. In a lot of ways, it is used as sensory deprivation. By taking away a person's sight, they are concentrating more of their other senses. Things like hearing, and most important - feeling. Remember your body can be the most important tool you can take on an investigation! Here are some different ways you can use a blindfold on an investigation

Blindfold participants using a Ouija Board

One of the biggest arguments that people have with the Ouija board, is the human element. It is quite easy for someone to move the planchette either on purpose or subconsciously. By blindfolding the people using the board, they cannot see where they are moving the planchette, Quite often it results in people aimlessly moving the planchette around to letters that make no sense. What if it did make sense though? You would be able to at least know that the person wasn't able to manipulate the board as they could not see it!

ESP experiments

In the original Ganzfeld experiments, participants had ping pong balls over their eyes with headphones playing white noise. They were then asked to identify a target which someone in another room was sending to them telepathically. In a much simpler version, you can simply blindfold someone and have them in a room. You could use Zener Cards or a target of your choosing and try to telepathically send them the image. Have them call out anything they feel they are seeing. Write down the results and work out a baseline. In Zener cards for example, there is a 1/5 chance that they will correctly 'guess' the correct card. It means your baseline would be 20%.

Spirit Box Experiments

I have spoken before about using a spirit box with noise canceling headphones to have a person 'receive' information from the spirit box. This person sits there and listens to the spirit box with the headphones. They are unable to hear what questions people are asking in the room. The hope is that the information will match up. To take this one step further, you can blindfold the participant to not only eliminate the chance they could lip read the questions someone has asked, but it also acts as a form of sensory deprivation as well.

Blind Guidance

Have a participant wear a blindfold and hold their arm and lead them into different rooms or areas of the investigation. You can perhaps even leave them in a room and ask them to call out anything they are feeling or hearing. By removing their sight, it is a form of sensory deprivation so they concentrate on their other senses, and it may potentially open them up more or at the very least they will potentially notice a lot more. It can also either induce a sense of fear or remove it depending on the person. It is a great way to study human behaviour and how we react in certain settings. While some don't see this as important, human behaviour is actually a really significant part of paranormal research. It isn't just about that though, if a person cannot see, does it mean they are more open? Are they more inclined to experience or 'pick up' on something? We are all thought to posses some sort of psychic ability. For some it comes more naturally. Could this be a way to help a person tap into this ability? Only one way to find out.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is a practice of identifying an area or a target by using ESP. Usually a person will be asked to 'draw' what they see and it is then compared to the real image. By blindfolding a person, it may not only allow them to concentrate more on sensing what they can see, but it also means they are not subjected to outside influence or possibly copying a target they can see. They don't necessarily have to draw as some people may find this difficult especially when blindfolded and they would simply be asked to describe in great detail what they can 'see'.

Ganzfeld Experiment

As I briefly mentioned above under the spirit box experiments, you can go ahead and try your very own Ganzfeld experiment. While it was originally developed to test telepathy, investigators use it more so these days to open themselves up to receiving some sort of paranormal message.

Live listening EVP

By plugging noise canceling headphones straight into your digital, some recorders will allow you to listen real time to your recording, as you are recording it. This is called Live Listening. It is something that is often done on paranormal investigator. Perhaps blindfold the person doing the listening. It almost completely removes them in a way from the investigation as they are purely concentrating on what they are hearing. By taking away their sight, they are listening more intently and more closely. It means they are not necessarily reacting to what is around them as they are purely just listening. Maybe they might hear something that everyone else doesn't?

This is just a taste of what you can do as there is really no limit. I can actually think of about 5 more things just at the top of my head, but I want to open the floor up to you! What ideas do you have or what have you tried when using a blindfold during a paranormal investigation?

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