Are we capable of finding answers?

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Is it quite simply 'human nature' that is stopping up from getting the answers we seek in terms of paranormal phenomena? Are we setting ourselves up to fail when we don't specifically know what we are looking for?

For 4 months now, myself and Ashley Knibb have been going back and forward trying to get to the roots of what on the surface may seem like a very simple question to some, but has posed more questions than answers along the way. What is the source of psychical phenomena? In his latest article The Paranormal Phenomena Trilogy, Ashley brings his thoughts full circle on the different aspects we have discussed. From the pineal gland, ESP and even some paranormal philosophy, we have covered a lot of ground. As Ashley referenced in this article, in terms of finding explanations for paranormal phenomena, this can be found in an abundance of literature - right through to an academic level.

Explanations for paranormal phenomena can be found in our psychology, our physiology and our environment. Surely if we are to understand this phenomena then understanding this dynamic collaboration of our mind, body and environment is going to be key. Especially as each impacts the other and probable phenomena itself. This really isn’t anything new though, as you can see similar viewpoints in alchemy too when they talk of Spiritus, Corpus & Anima, which makes reference to the Spirit, the Body and the Soul. Perhaps this combination is important to the supernatural world in a similar fashion to the natural world too.

Ashley Knibb

If I take you back to the very beginning of the series, we explored Descartes theory of dualism where the mind and the body were considered to be separate. This sparked the initial idea that it is was something within us. I have looked at the pineal gland and the idea of our soul. We have delved into psychic projection and the notion that we in fact are the ghosts. In my last post I added that perhaps there is not just one explanation for everything, and that there could be a lot more in play here than what just one person believes. With this Ashley encourages people to record different types of information when investigating the paranormal, though advises to do so with caution.

We need to be capturing multiple streams of information moving forwards, but from one location at one time. Unless we can capture that data collaboratively of course, that would be really awesome. That may help us to discern patterns in that information and later perhaps a source of the phenomena. This doesn’t mean that we should be all running into locations taking various different readings though, as we would end up drowning in insignificant data.

Ashley Knibb

I have read over this particular quote several times and I have to wonder to myself, is a lot of what we are doing out in the paranormal a form of 'insignificant data?'. How do we know what we are reading in terms of data sets when we don't fully understand it's connection to paranormal phenomena in the first place? Yes we goto locations and measure statistics on things like temperature because the general theory in the paranormal field is that if a spirit is manifesting, it will produce a cold spot or a drop in temperature. Or what about the readings we take of 'EMF' because for some reason we seem to believe that a spirit either emits EMF or can somehow manipulate the field. I am led of course to ask the question, who exactly came up with these theories? Why are we blindly measuring this information without actually know what specifically to look for? You may say if there is a 10 degree change in temperature that is significant enough to consider it to be paranormal. What about the difference of temperature in each room? What about certain items retaining heat? What about the fact that people feel the 'cold' differently. What about the ultimate fact that the laser pointer thermometers that a lot people use to measure this information are actually incapable of measuring a 'cold spot' because they only read a surface? While some people do collect data using loggers etc, it still means that there is a lot of data out there that is being measured incorrectly. If we are gathering data incorrectly in the first place, it is insignificant before we even begin. As Ashley noted in his article, a true EVP session should really be done in a sound proof recording studio as this is the only way you can say without a doubt that there is no outside influence possibly contaminating the recording. This of course is quite impossible in most instances so where does it leave us? Does this mean we are we setting ourselves up to fail before we even begin?

Are WE what is holding us back from getting answers?

Belief in the paranormal has been around for centuries, and yet we are still no closer to answers. We are far more skeptical than our ancestors who were certainly a lot more spiritual and faith based as a general society than we are now. I have to wonder if our human nature and attitudes is what is actually holding us back from getting answers?

If we did find the answers and we had it on paper endorsed and stamped that it was scientifically proven for example that we live on after death or can exist in some other dimension, will our human nature eventually try to take advantage of this? Knowledge is power and human natures does not always cope well with power. Knowing there maybe something better awaiting on the other side, will some try to speed up the process toward the next step? Will people try to mess with natural laws? People can be capable of some terrible things, especially for their own gain. Would this be any different? Will some be driven in a quest to 'live forever'? We even see certain behaviours already in the paranormal field of some individuals treating it more as an ego driven exercise than a pursuit of the truth. Is this a warning sign? Perhaps for our very own 'protection' it is better in a lot of ways to not know some things. On the spiritual side of things, I hear people tell me that there are certain 'rules' on the other side that are governed by some sort of council. In fact I know a lot of people who tell me that 'spirits' can tell us the day we are going to die, except their law says that they can't. I suppose in a lot of ways it makes sense that if we have certain natural and physical laws (im not talking criminal laws), the afterlife or other dimensions would like have some form of these laws as well. Perhaps we are able to get a glimpse but not the full picture, because we cannot be trusted with this knowledge. As humans, could we be trusted with that 'power'?

Our brains are capable of so much, this we already know. Our brain processes information in ways that science cannot always recreate and cannot measure. While there is a lot that we can explain, there is so much that we are yet to understand. The human brain though is not fallible and much like power can be the down fail of human nature, ego can be equally damaging. If we refuse to open our minds to other possibilities, how are we able to move forward as a field? If we are unwilling to acknowledge and correct our shortcomings, our research in the paranormal falls into this 'insignificant data' category.

Much like that initial thought at the very beginning while exploring Descartes dualism where we questioned if it is something within us causing this paranormal phenomena, perhaps the human element inside us alone is what is stopping us from finding these definitive answers. Is it something that perhaps we are just not 'meant' to know.

While we are closing a 'chapter' on this series now, it is very far from finished. We still have more to talk about and we want to hear from you as well. Join the conversation and tell us your thoughts! We will be back with one final piece for Supernatural Synchronicity for the year next week!

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