Are UFO sightings a form of psychic projection?

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We talk about the possibility that we could be manifesting our own ghosts through psychic projection. What if we applied this same train of thought toward UFO phenomena? Are we manifesting our own UFO lights in the sky? Is there are a connection between experiences with spirits and extra terrestrials?

When it comes to the paranormal, while a lot of people are trying to find or capture the phenomenon itself, we don't really get to the bottom of what is causing it or where it is coming from.  When it comes to spirits, people generally think that a spirit is the soul or energy of a person who was once living.  It is thought we are communicating with this energy and that is a large part of what the mainstream paranormal community does on investigations, they try to communicate based on this theory.  Another theory is of course that it could be us that are the ghosts.  It is not that we are hallucinating, faking things, or making it up, it is more that we are somehow causing the paranormal phenomena ourselves with just the power of our mind.

Are we the ghosts?

Many people report having a paranormal experience with visitation from a loved one.  Birthdays, anniversaries, and special holidays always seem to see a spike in reported activity.  While a spirit could be coming to visit, could the simple act of a group of people remembering a person or an event spark some sort of paranormal event? Look at the Philip experiment for example. A group of Canadian parapsychologists came together in the 1970s and created a fictional backstory on a character they called Philip. By focusing on him and what he would have looked like and the things he liked and didn't like etc, they received what they believed to be intelligent responses by paranormal means from this fictional character called Philip. It seemed that they created a ghost with their own mind. It was so successful in their eyes they went onto complete this exercise again and again with other characters.

Image Source: Conjuring up Philip: An Adventure In Psychokinesis by Iris M Owen (1976).  

I have to wonder about the times that I have felt I have had a loved one who has passed away around me. It has always happened during a time that I was thinking about them or wishing they were around. Maybe it was something as simple as seeing something they would have liked or just looking at their photo. Maybe it is a special occasion. Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or special places seem to be times when we have an experience or feel they are around us. Besides of course the obvious that we could be reading too much into things, what if the reason these things are happening on these times is that we are making it happen just by remembering them? I am constantly using the example of what we do on paranormal tours because the more I think about it and witness it, the more it makes sense to me in a lot of ways. You are on a paranormal tour and you are taken into a room. The group of 10, 20 or 30 people are told the story of the person that is significant to the room. You may talk about what they looked like or how they passed away or what it was that makes their story special. The group is then focusing on the story they were just told and they try to attempt to communicate with this spirit. They will ask questions based on this story and play into the narrative.  To their surprise, they start getting answers.  Are the responses they feel they are receiving due to the fact that there is some sort of spirit there communicating with them and validating this information or is it that the collective focus and energy of the group focused on this one story is unknowingly projecting and causing things to happen?  Are they bringing their own version of Philip to life?  Using this same concept, what if we applied this to what we think about the phenomenon surrounding UFOS?

Could we make conjuring our own UFOs?

I have thought in the past about the connection with our consciousness and both spirits and extra terrtrials, but I had never expanded the thought to include UFOs.  It wasn't until reading The Haunted Universe by D. Scott Rogo that it started to fall into place and I began looking into this further.

None of these theories takes into account the evidence that UFO's might be intrinsically related and connected to the people who view them, and no independent objects at all.  In other words, even though UFOs are physical objects, they might be projections from our own minds.  

The Haunted Universe D. Scott Rogo (1977)

The first thought that comes to mind here are groups that engage in what are called CE5 encounters.  CE5 is defined a Close Encounters of the 5th Kind and is the brainchild of Dr. Steven Greer.  It works under the pretense that a group of like-minded open individuals get together to make 'human initiated contact with nonhuman beings'

I encourage you to meet together and go out under the stars together.  But you need to realize that everyone is filtering the material through his/her own experience and knowledge base.

Dr. Steven Greer

Documentary: Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (2020)

A set of protocols is followed which 'invites' interaction.  While the protocol can differ from group to group, there is a generalized set of instructions that is followed by the group.  One of the steps involved in the protocol is meditating while setting your intention to communicate.  Guests are encouraged to 

Mentally (or telepathically) project your intentions with friendship and love (such as
asking the ETs to join you, or meet you half way in an effort to help heal the planet, humanity, or to
help with spiritual self-development, understanding, universal peace, or even confirmation that they
truly exist!.) You may also project your location if you wish. (Though not necessary, as they are
telepathically advanced). After you have projected your intentions with sincerity, sit calmly, clear your
mind of random thoughts or fears, and be open to receiving a telepathic message, visual responses,
unusual or otherworldly sounds, or other mystic experiences or phenomena too varied in nature and
type to list.

How to make ET Contact CE5 by Rae Donovan

The word project is used several times in the above statement.  Many people involved in sky watching and in CE5 events report receiving amazing results and interactions when it is done correctly.  The question now becomes, have they made extraterrestrial contact, or have they psychically projected the activity themselves?  Or course much like the above with spirits, this would not explain every single sighting of UFOs as of course there are some really interesting events out there that would not fit into this theory.  Recent footage released by the government of an unidentified craft being sighted and captured on radar immediately comes to mind.  What we can't ignore however is that amount of sightings there have been over the years where people report strange lights in the skies.  Quite a lot of these are puzzling with many witnesses and no known cause. Could these lights in the sky be a projection from a collective conscious standpoint?

Carl Jung had a bit of a different take on what a UFO sighting of lights in the sky could actually mean.  While Jung did believe in the phenomena to an extend, he also believed there was a psychological explanation to explore in certain circumstances.

Jung believed that some phenomena could be explained by the World's cultural need which in turn has manifested a psychic projection of what we would identify as UFO craft.  It is thought from a psychological standpoint that this is an explanation as to why the typical sightings allude to a silver disc-like craft.  Research over the years has shown that our perception of the UFO craft from reported sightings also seems to have 'changed' throughout time to reflect our own technological advancements meaning the way we see UFOs has changed over time as our own technology has progressed.  Does this support the argument that we are mentally projecting our own craft?

The apparently physical nar ture of the Ufos creates such insoluble puzzles for even the best brains, and on the other hand has built up such an impressive legend, that one feels tempted to take them as a ninety‐nine percent psychic product and subject them accordingly to the usual psychological interpretation. Should it be that an Unknown physical phenomenon is the outward cause of the myth, this would detract nothing from the myth, for many myths have meteorological and other natural phenomena as accompanying causes which by no means explain them. A myth is essentially a product of the unconscious archetype and is therefore a symbol which requires psychological interpretation.

Flying Saucers Perhaps a ‘99 Percent Psychic Product’ by By Carl Gustav Jung
March 25, 1978 NY Times

A link with consciousness

Consciousness is likely the key here.  It is hard to say what our consciousness is really capable of.  Does it live on after we die?  Can it communicate with another consciousness telepathically?  We seem to think so.  Parapsychology for decades has been testing the abilities of everyday people and if they are capable of projecting or gaining knowledge using telepathic means.  Psychic mediums claim they can receive messages from spirits on a telepathic level.  There are some mediums who claim they can communicate with higher beings or for a better word aliens on a telepathic level as well.  In Alien lore if you want to call it, Aliens are said to not speak, they are said to communicate telepathically.  How do you know when you are on a paranormal investigation and you are communicating with something that it is a ghost?  How do you know it isn't an alien or some kind of higher being?  While many people may scoff at the idea, why is one more possible than the other?  Some people even believe that aliens are in fact us but from many centuries in the future where we have truly evolved.  What about when we go to sleep?  What happens to our consciousness when we go to sleep?  Many paranormal claims both with aliens and ghosts occur when people are sleeping.  Is this another connection?

In recent years too, the report of paranormal events in connection with close encounters with UFOs seems to have become the rule rather than the exception and most investigators have found it very difficult to deal with this aspect of the cases.  Such events might take the form of a minor 'unexplained coincidence' in which a man might have had a dream prior to the sightings (or heard a knock on the door and gone to open it, only to find no one was there, as happened to a policeman who later the same evening reported being paralyzed by two occupants of an unknown craft).  Sometimes the event was more significant.  A number of witnesses, for example reporting perceiving distinct 'messages' inside their heads, a fact they interpreted as an indication of a telepathic ability on the part of the UFO occupants.  Still other categories of psychic events are the distortions of time and space reported by witnesses, the apparently violations of physical laws represented by the sudden appearence and dissappearence of physical craft ....

The Invisible College by Jacques Vallee (1975)

When it comes to alien abduction, why do they need to beam a person up to a spaceship?  Is this just what television tells us?  What if it is something happens on a telepathic level involving our consciousness?  What if a ghost is not a person who was once living but is in fact the consciousness of a person who is still very much alive?  Maybe time is not what we think it is?  Many physicists argue that time doesn't exist and that it is an illusion made up of human memories.  They claim that everything that has ever been and ever will be is all happening now.  Think about that for a moment!

I personally think that it is naive for us to limit ourselves to just one possibility.  I think as paranormal researchers we need to step out of our comfort zone and out of the box we have confined ourselves to and start looking at other areas of research.  It is here that we start to see connections in what we do.  I am genuinely surprised each and every time I interview people and do surveys based on their beliefs.  People can sometimes advocate for people to have an open mind but are quite close-minded when it comes to thinking outside their area of research.  There are known and documented connections between the area of UFOology and spirit research, yet people don't seem to consider the bigger picture.  We limit ourselves to just ticking one of those boxes.  Paranormal phenomena is often connected, and it is us that is the link.  While we may go to haunted locations or skywatching to go and find the answers, maybe we don't need to go anywhere to get the answers we seek.  Maybe the answer has been within us all along.


Flying Saucers:  A Modern Myth of Things Seen In The Sky C. G Jung (1959)

The Haunted Universe D. Scott Rogo (1977)

How to make ET Contact CE5 by Rae Donovan

Flying Saucers Perhaps a ‘99 Percent Psychic Product’ by By Carl Gustav Jung
March 25, 1978 NY Times

The Invisible College by Jacques Vallee (1975)

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