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If a living being has a soul, when we pass it is thought that our physical body dies, but our soul lives on. While this is widely believed amongst humans, does it apply to animals as well? Are there animal spirits? Can animals sense something 'paranormal'? 

If a living being has a soul, when we pass it is thought that our physical body dies, but our soul lives on. While this is widely believed amongst humans, does it apply to animals as well? Are there animal spirits? Can animals sense something 'paranormal'?

There is no definitive answer of course, like most things it also depends on your belief system in relation to the soul. Some religious people believe that a soul is exclusive only to a human being, while other cultures and religions worship animals almost as gods. The pharaohs in ancient Egypt believed that animals had souls and in fact make up a major part of their belief in the afterlife. In Egyptian art, a soul was often represented as a bird or a cat. When you look at traditional Christian faith, they teach that only pure souls were allowed through the kingdom gates of heaven. They taught that animals did not have souls and therefore were not allowed into heaven.

When we look at our cherished pets such as cats and dogs (and everything in between), they have their own personalities. They have a heart, a brain, they express emotion. They are capable of love, fear and empathy. To me I believe that if there is such a thing as a soul, they would absolutely have one. The love a person has for a pet in a lot of ways is the same love they have for a fellow human being. The loss of a pet can be heartbreaking. There still remains a bond that has not been broken and spiritually they may still be connected.

I have heard from all sorts of people that they have felt the presence of a pet who has passed away. From feeling an indentation in the couch like something is sitting down to hearing claw type footsteps running down the hall. A lot of people attribute these as a visitation from their pet in spirit form. In times of hardship or grief, they often out of the blue feel the presence of their much loved pet as if they are looking over them and offering comfort, just as they would if they were still there. Others just feel like they are still around.

Let's not forget that a lot of animals are very much in tune with the universe more so than a human is. They are exceptional judges of character and can ‘judge’ a person’s personality. They know well in advance when a thunder storm is coming or can predict an earthquake. It is thought that this is because their senses are a lot more heightened than our own. Because of this, some people feel that animals are sensitive to the paranormal. Often animals are seen staring at an empty space and reacting as if there was a person there. If they are that in tune that can perhaps see or hear things from the spiritual world, then why wouldn’t they be able to appear as a spirit once passed? I guess one of the major questions of course is why would they still be here? A lot of people believe that spirits that are still around are here because they have unfinished business. Does this mean it is the pet’s choice to stay or go? Perhaps it is just a form of residual energy more than an intelligent energy? You can of course go a bit further and go down the psi route where you wonder if just by thinking about your pet, are you unknowingly making it's ghost appear much like the Phillip experiment? Are we creating our own hauntings? Food for thought, even when it comes to our pets.

I am sure amongst all of the ghost stories you have heard, that you have heard one of a ‘ghost cat’ or some sort of animal that is often seen at a location. I have heard of many 'ghost cats' at a few locations where the ghostly animal is seen. How do people know that this is a ghost and not a real cat? Does it appear as a solid apparition or is it what they are picking up with their psychic abilities? Perhaps it appears as a shadow or translucent? These are questions we should be asking when someone reports these ghostly sightings. That doesn't change the fact however that most people that believe in ghosts would believe that it would also be possible to have an animal spirit.

The paranormal in a lot of ways can help a person deal with grief. Just the thought of knowing that this isn’t it and that someone is watching over us after they pass can give a feeling acceptance. The way I see it, if someone does feel that their animal is still around after they have passed, this is a personal thing and not something I think any sort of EMF meter of spirit box would pick up. In fact I would think it would be pretty hard to prove there is an animal ghost with 'evidence'. For example an EVP would have to be discounted as how would you know it wasn't a real cat making the noise for example. I know a lot of my possible EVPs have been thrown out as a potential growl was really a possum outside. With the evidence aside, if someone believes their pet is with them, let them enjoy their experience and the comfort of knowing that their much loved pet and member of the family is still looking after them.

Have you had an experiences with a pet?

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  • Lynn Lindsey 8 months ago

    I love anything about stories dealing with the Paranormal and animals

  • Hubhopper 9 months ago

    I think yes, the soul lives of every animal as human. And possibly they (some of the animal) can sense paranormal.

  • Sybil Rowarth 1 year ago


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